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Outstanding Academic Papers by Students (OAPS) received by SEE postgraduate students

Postgraduate students of the School of Energy and Environment (SEE), MORAKINYO Tobi Eniolu, ONG Justine, SARRAZIN-NICOLAS Alix Julie Ann, and ZHAO Yujie, worked in a group project for the course, SEE6213 Waste Water Engineering and Water Quality Management, and their achievement has been highly recognized as awarded the Outstanding Academic Papers by Students (OAPS) by the Library, CityU.

OAPS is a collection of students’ outstanding academic papers nominated by individual department/school. It is also an international project in collaboration with universities in PRC, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, and USA.

The study of the project paper entitled "Integrated modelling of green-roof potential for UHI mitigation, rainwater harvesting and utilization" involves the examination of the potential of green-roof, for urban heat island (UHI) mitigation and sustainable rainwater harvesting and utilization. Students calculated the catchment area of each of twenty-six (26) buildings within the CityU campus by using Geographic Information System (GIS). They also gave recommendation on how to harness the rooftop garden for improved life quality. The paper will be archived in the CityU Institutional Repository and made accessible online to the University community and the general public. The OAPS certificates will be presented to the students during the OAPS Certificate Awarding Ceremony on 27 April 2015 at CityU.


Outstanding Academic Papers by Students (OAPS) received by SEE postgraduate students

(From left to right)
Dr. Alicia AN (Assistant Professor), Course Leader of SEE6213,
Mr. MORAKINYO Eniolu Tobi,
Miss ONG Justine,
and Mr. ZHAO Yujie