City University of Hong Kong

Introducing the SEE Trilogy Posters
– Part III: Our Environmental Engineers Think Big

The School of Energy and Environment (SEE) introduces the third of its Trilogy Posters that showcase our continuous efforts in solving global environmental and energy problems!

The last poster of the series highlights the innovative minds of our students. With their efforts to think big, we believe our talented students will turn into successful pioneers in solving the environmental and energy problems in future.

At SEE, we are the only School in the region, if not the world, that adopts a contemporary and integrated approach to tackling sustainability. Our interdisciplinary graduates will bring creative solutions to the world’s energy and environmental challenges. The future Energy Engineers and Environmental Engineers from SEE are well-trained to make the difference to industries that include energy producers, utilities providers, buildings design, transportation, financial institutes and insurers, as well as governments, in their plight to promote sustainability for the world.

Introducing the SEE Trilogy Posters – Part III