UGC Targeted Taught Postgraduate Programmes Fellowships Scheme 2020/21 for Local Students (The Fellowships Scheme)



1.    The Fellowships Scheme is introduced by the HKSAR Government for nurturing more talents for the strategic development of Hong Kong. Administered under the University Grants Committee (UGC), the Scheme is offered on a pilot basis to provide local students admitted to the targeted taught postgraduate programmes (see Point 6 below) in 2020/21 with the award of fellowships. Funding allocation of the Scheme is subject to approval from the Legislative Council.


2.    The main purpose of the Scheme is to attract meritorious local students in full-time, part-time or combined study mode to pursue inter-disciplinary and in-depth postgraduate training in priority areas of strategic importance for Hong Kong and to meet the needs for talents speedily. 


3.    Local students who are admitted to the targeted programmes in full-time, part-time or combined study mode will be invited to submit applications for the fellowships. To avoid double subsidy, students who are receiving other forms of government scholarship (except student financial assistance) for pursuing the same programme are not eligible to apply.


4.    The fellowship students are required to pay a minimum tuition fee of HK$42,100, which is the prevailing rate of the UGC-funded programmes, and the differences will be subsidized by the fellowships subject to a cap of HK$120,000 for each student regardless of the actual study period of the programme. 

Criteria for Assessment

5.    The award of the fellowships will be based on a set of assessment criteria which may include, but not limited to, students’ academic excellence, specific academic and professional qualifications attained, language proficiency, work experience, references, interview results, the personal statement on their commitment and plan for contributing in the respective priority areas after completing the programme, etc. 

Targeted Taught Postgraduate Programmes with Fellowship Awards in 2020/21

6.    Local students admitted to the following targeted programmes will be invited to submit applications for the Scheme.

Programme Code Programme Priority Area
P27 Master of Arts in Public Policy and Management
P41 Master of Laws in Arbitration and Dispute Resolution
P53 Master of Science in Computer Science
Research and Innovation
P54 Master of Science in Electronic Information Engineering
P63 Master of Science in Energy and Environment
P67 Master of Science in Chemistry
Research and Innovation
P70 Master of Science in Data Science
Research and Innovation
P80 Master of Fine Arts in Creative Media



(Last Updated on 14 Feb 2020)