Latest Updates for Taught Postgraduate Admissions


  • Enrolment
    Generally, starting from mid-July, successful applicants will receive an email notification to retrieve the enrolment notification available in the Admission Application System. To formally enroll as a student at the University, applicants are required to complete the in-person enrolment procedures, including the qualification checking (if applicable), at the time and venue indicated in the enrolment notification. Prior to in-person enrolment, applicants are required to complete the pre-enrolment process online, which will entitle them to use all electronic resources available at the University.

  • Campus Access
    The University places all students’ health and safety as a top priority. For the latest quarantine measures, please visit the COVID-19 Thematic Website.

    An email, which contains a QR code for entry to the University, will be sent to students one day prior to their scheduled time for enrolment. To ensure their smooth entry to the campus, students are advised to print the enrolment notification and show both the QR code and the notification to the security staff upon entry to the University.

    All visitors will be required to scan the LeaveHomeSafe venue QR code using the LeaveHomeSafe mobile application and show the vaccination records or medical exemption certificates at the campus entrance. For information on the application, please visit

    Starting from 26 September 2022, all visitors are required to have received at least three doses of COVID-19 vaccines, or have one dose of vaccine within the last 6 months. Only those who are unfit to be vaccinated due to a medical condition will be exempted, and only when a valid medical certificate is presented.

    Students during the 3-day medical surveillance period after entering/returning to Hong Kong, can enter campus as long as they show no signs of COVID-19 symptoms. If any student’s body temperature on the day of enrolment is at or higher than 37.5°C or he/she develops fever, upper respiratory tract infection symptoms or sudden loss of taste or smell, please do not come to the campus and consult a doctor at once. 

  • Travel and Quarantine Arrangements
    Please visit HKSARGOV website to find out the boarding and compulsory quarantine requirements for persons arriving at Hong Kong.  Students should strictly adhere to the Compulsory Testing and Quarantine as set out by the Hong Kong SAR Government. For details, please visit

    Caution: Contravening the quarantine requirements would be a criminal offence. Offenders are subject to a maximum imprisonment for six months and a fine of HK$25,000.

  • Graduation Dates
    The date printed on the award certificates will be the graduation date of the students’ graduating semester/term.

    The graduation date of individual students is determined by students’ own study progress. Students who complete their graduation requirements in a specific semester/term will have the corresponding graduation date of that semester/term. Students should plan their studies ahead to fulfill their graduation requirements in their preferred semester/term. After fulfilling all their graduation requirements, students will not be allowed to defer their graduation to a later semester/term.

    The University’s graduation dates for 2023/24* are as follows:
    Graduates of Graduation Date
    Semester A 2023/24 1 February 2024
    Semester B 2023/24 3 June 2024
    Summer Term 2024 2 October 2024
    *Subject to amendment upon the official announcement of public holidays by the HKSAR government

  • English Proficiency Requirements (Taught Postgraduate Admissions)
    Applicants are required to provide their English test results obtained within the two years preceding the commencement of the University's application period, i.e. TOEFL and IELTS Tests taken on or after 1 November 2020 is acceptable for 2023 admissions, except for P45 PCLL programme. Please refer to the English Proficiency Requirements for details. 

       [1 Nov 2022]