Latest Updates for Taught Postgraduate Admissions 2021 Entry


  • Teaching and Learning Arrangements
    University Announcement: Arrangements for Teaching and Learning in Semester A 2021/22 [5 June 2021]
    University Announcement: Arrangements for Teaching and Learning in Semester A 2021/22 [26 July 2021]
  • Enrolment
    Generally, starting from mid-July 2021, successful applicants will receive an email notification to retrieve the enrolment letter available from their online application account. They are required to complete enrolment procedures in person on campus and complete the qualification checking procedures as indicated in the admission offer letter. Prior to in-person enrolment, they are required to complete the pre-enrolment process online, which will entitle them to use all electronic resources available at the University. 

    Access to campus: You will be granted access to campus ONLY AFTER completion of your Compulsory Quarantine and self-monitoring upon your arrival in Hong Kong. [16 June 2021]

  • Travel & Quarantine Arrangements
    -  Overview: Your travel and quarantine arrangements will mostly depend on where you have been to in the past 14 or 21 days before boarding flights; and you will need to follow a specific set of boarding and quarantine procedures upon arrival.
    Compulsory Quarantine (CQ): CQ period ranges from 7 to 21 days and shall take place in designated hotels or licensed hotels/ guesthouses according to the CQ requirements by HKGOV. Further self-monitoring for a 7-day period may apply upon CQ completion. Please visit HKGOV website to find out the boarding and compulsory quarantine requirements for persons arriving at Hong Kong from different places. Here is also an infographic that sums up the boarding and quarantine arrangements under each arrival category. See Page 1 if you depart from Mainland China, Macau and Taiwan, or Page 2 if you depart from other overseas places.
    -  Extra boarding documents: Documents such as hotel booking, COVID-19 test result, etc. may be required prior to boarding. If you arrive in Hong Kong by air, you should always check with your airlines as they will be the gatekeeper to check these documentary proofs and make sure you meet the requirements before boarding your flight.
    -  Vaccination: If you are fully vaccinated with the recognized vaccines, you may enjoy a shorter quarantine period. In this case, vaccination record will also be required prior to boarding.
    -  Expected arrival date: Students should make appropriate arrangements to arrive in Hong Kong in advance and allow sufficient time to complete the Compulsory Quarantine and self-monitoring (if necessary) before coming to campus. Otherwise, no access shall be granted. For example, if you depart from a place that requires 21 days of CQ plus 7 days of self-monitoring (i.e. 28 days in total) after arriving in Hong Kong while you plan to come to campus on 30 August 2021, then you should aim to arrive in Hong Kong on or before 2 August 2021. Non-local students are advised to check and make plans for arrival arrangements (e.g. air ticket/place for quarantine) as early as possible.
    -  Close monitoring: Beware that such arrival categories and respective requirements may keep changing, thus you should visit this HKGOV website often to understand the latest classification and quarantine requirements. You may also visit the COVID-19 thematic website for other pandemic-related information in Hong Kong.
    Caution: Contravening the quarantine requirement would be a criminal offence. Offenders are subject to a maximum fine of HK$25,000 and imprisonment for 6 months.
     [15 June 2021]

  • Updated Graduation Dates
    In accordance with the latest University’s decision, the graduation dates for 2021/22 and 2022/23* will be updated as follows:

    Graduates of Graduation Date
    Semester A 2021/22 4 February 2022
    Semester B 2021/22 1 June 2022
    Summer Term 2022 3 October 2022

    Graduates of Graduation Date
    Semester A 2022/23 1 February 2023
    Semester B 2022/23 1 June 2023
    Summer Term 2023 3 October 2023
    *Subject to amendment upon the official announcement of public holidays by the government
    [1 June 2021]

  • English Proficiency Requirements (Taught Postgraduate Admissions)
    Except for P45 PCLL programme, TOEFL and IELTS scores are considered valid for two years. Applicants are required to provide their English test results obtained within the two years preceding the commencement of the University's application period, i.e. TOEFL and IELTS Tests taken on or after 17 Nov 2018 is acceptable for 2021 admissions. Please refer to the English Proficiency Requirements for details.