Symposium Agenda

Symposium Agenda (Tentative)

C Y Sun Lecture Theatre (LT-3), Academic 1, City University of Hong Kong

26 May Morning:主旨演講 (主持:孫洪義博士)

Guest Speakers Topic
Associate Provost, City University of Hong Kong
Prof Christian WAGNER
Welcome Address
Director of Knowledge Transfer Office, City University of Hong Kong
Mr David Ai
Vice-Principal, National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology
Prof HSU Meng-Hsiang
創新創業學習生態系統之經驗分享: 以國立高雄第一科技大學為例
Associate Dean, Center of Entrepreneurial Talent Cultivation, Wenzhou University
Dr SHI Yongchuan
Executive Director, The Chinese Universities Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Alliance
Dr YU Cangbi
《以人為本,“全方位、立體式”高校創新創業教育》— 一個創新創業教育生態系統的實踐
創新創業教育企業 (待定) 創新創業教育校企合作模式分享

26 May Afternoon:創新創業教育課程體系 (主持:Prof WU Yen-Chun)

Guest Speakers Topic
Chief Executive Officer, Research Center for Global Innovation & Entrepreneurship, National Taiwan Normal University
Prof WU Yen-Chun
Layman of Entrepreneurship Curriculum: from 0 to 1
Associate Professor, Dept of Management, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Prof MA Xufei
Internet Startup of University Students in China
Deputy Executive Director, College of Entrepreneurship, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
Prof LIU Zhiyang
Vice-Dean, College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Dalian University of Technology
Prof FU Dongjuan
Dean, College of Entrepreneurship Education, Zhejiang Business College
Prof HE Fulin
The upgrading path of Two-education Transition (innovation and entrepreneurship) in Zhejiang Business College
Director, Teaching Resources Center, WuFeng University
Dr YEN Szu-Wei
Project Assistant Professor, College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, National Sun Yat-sen University
Dr SUNG Shih-Hsiang
Management Department, National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan
Dr WU Meng-Chen
Professor, National Sun Yat-sen University
Prof TSAI Dun-Hun PhD student, National Sun Yat-sen University
Mr LEE Chih-Yu
創新創業教育企業 (待定) 創新創業教育校企合作模式分享

27 May Morning:創新創業線上教育 (主持: 李肖鳴院長)

Guest Speakers Topic
Dean, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Institute of China Science & Merchants Capital Management
Prof LI Xiaoming
Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) in entrepreneurship education Application
Executive Dean, Institute of Education for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Hebei University of Geosciences
Dr ZHU Yankong
Blended Learning Method Used In the Popularization of Entrepreneurship Foundation
Deputy Director, Center for Faculty Development, Fudan University
Prof JIANG Yulong
Creating Novel University Teaching by Means of Online Courses
Coordinator, UGC-funded CityU Education Platform for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Dr SUN Hongyi
創新創業教育企業 (待定) 創新創業教育校企合作模式分享

27 May Afternoon:創新創業教學方法和經驗 (主持:祁明德教授)

Guest Speakers Topic
Dean, Department of Business Administration, School of Management of Guangdong University of Technology
Prof QI Mingde
Teaching Methods and Experience of Business Model
Coordinator, Undergraduate level innovation and entrepreneurship education curriculum, School of Foreign Languages for Business of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
Prof ZHANG Bin
Assistant Professor, Tsinghua University
Dr CHEN Xiao
Associate Professor, Jiansu University
Dr HU Guilan
Internet Startup of University Students in China
Dean, School of Business and Management, Shanghai Finance University
Prof WANG Xiaoguang
The Strategy and Mode of Shanghai Internet Education of Startup and Finance
Director, Research Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Southwest Jiaotong University
Dr LIU Feng
Double degree in Entrepreneurship Engineering, to train up systematic design and teaching effectiveness research
Associate Professor, Department of Marketing, National Chung Hsing University
Dr WU Chih-Wen/a>
Entrepreneurship and innovation in management education issue
Associate Professor, Department of Business and Entrepreneurship Management, Kainan University
Professor, Taiwan Learning Center, University of Management and Technology (UMT)
Dr KUAN Meng-Jong
Agile-Innovation Project Management
Founding Chairman, Hong Kong Social Enterprise Incubation Center Ltd.
Mr Raymond YIM
What makes social enterprise effective in Hong Kong
Lecturer, Shantou University
Dr WANG Yuhan
Creative Thinking in Shantou University
創新創業教育企業 (待定) 創新創業教育校企合作模式分享