Who should attend the symposium?
All the academic researchers, university lecturers and people who are interested in innovation and entrepreneurship education.

When to register?
From March, 2016, onward.

How to register?
You can click here to register or send the registration form to Ms. Wong at bell.wong@cityu.edu.hk.

When can I know whether I am admitted or not?
After receiving all the registration forms, the eligibility will be decided. We will notify you the detailed information within two weeks, including admission letters, hotel booking forms and the full agenda. Please check your email periodically for updates.

What is your cancellation and changes policy?
Please contact us as soon as possible if you want to cancel or change your schedule, since the symposium is free of charge.

The language of the symposium?
English and Mandarin.

How about the participation fee?
Registration and participation are free of charge.

The transportation?
The transportation fee is not covered by the symposium. However, for your convenience, there will be a free shuttle bus between CityU and the appointed hotel at appointed time.

The accommodation?
There will not be free accommodation and catering services. But all participants are advised to stay in the appointed hotel with our free shuttle bus. After all the registration forms are collected, the hotel booking form will be sent to eligible participants by email. Please fill in the form and finish the booking process on your own.

The insurance?
No accident, medical or health insurance is covered by the symposium. Please make a purchase, if necessary.

When can I have the full agenda?
The full agenda will be made public on our website in early April, 2016.

Can I make a speech in the symposium?
If you would like to give a speech or lead a discussion, please specify your topic and outline in your registration form, so that it may be arranged. Please note that priority will be given to the topics on innovation and entrepreneurship general education, online teaching, blended learning, school-enterprise cooperation, education resources, etc.

Will I receive a certificate?
Certificates will be issued by CityU at the end of the symposium.

You are welcome to email us at bell.wong@cityu.edu.hk for any inquiries.