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“Mainland-Taiwan-Hong Kong Symposium on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education 2016” was successfully held in City University of Hong Kong during May 26-27, 2016. The Symposium was part of CePIE project (CityU Education Platform for Innovation and Entrepreneruhsip), funded by the University Grants Committee (UGC) of HKSAR and City University of Hong Kong, aiming at the facilitation of the communication of innovation and entrepreneurship education in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, promotion of the basic education of Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and offering the opportunity in Industry-University-Research Cooperation. In the symposium, experts, successful entrepreneurs and leading professors/lecturers from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan were invited to share their experiences with innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as provide the opportunities of development and cooperation.
Prof. TSUI Kwok Leung, Head of Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management, City University of Hong Kong delivered the welcome address. He welcomed all the participants to CityU and expected a success of the symposium.
Mr. David AI, the Director of Knowledge Transfer Office, City University of Hong Kong, firstly introduced the CityU Innopreneurship Ecosystem “i i 1-2-3”, which included Innovation Commons, CityU-HKSTP Incubator Scheme, Funding Schemes, etc. Then, he talked about the CityU Business and Industrial Club (CUBIC), which regularly hosted seminars and forums to foster the cooperation of Industry-University-Research.
Dr. SUN, the coordinator of the CePIE project, introduced the design concept and teaching methods of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Introductory Course in City University of Hong Kong. After that, he mainly demonstrated the development and the implementation scheme of the MOOC course of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in City University of Hong Kong as well as other universities.
More than 20 speakers from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan shared their experience on the theories, methods and practices of innovation and entrepreneurship education from their own perspectives.
130 scholars and entrepreneurs from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea participated in the symposium. They were from City University of Hong Kong, The University of Hong Kong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Fudan University, Sun Yat-sen University, South China University of Technology, Dalian University of Technology, National Sun Yat-sen University(Taiwan), National Taiwan Normal University, University of Management and Technology, Kainan University, as well as corporations, such as The Innovation & Entrepreneurship Education Alliance of China, China Science & Merchants Investment Management Group, DKJ Company Limited, Korea Entrepreneurship Foundation, etc.
Mr. LIU Jijun, the Co-president of China Science & Merchants Investment Management Group, said that the symposiums attended by the universities in mainland China and educational organizations, investors and incubators in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan would surely make more enhancements to the cultivation of innovation and entrepreneurship among university students, students’ entrepreneurial projects, entrepreneurial services and the commercialization of research findings. In the new ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship of the internet era, the regional disparity would be weakened in education, technology, venture capital, incubation, information, etc. The innovative system under cooperative development would definitely lead the innovation and entrepreneurship in China to a new level.
The symposium was expected to establish a sustainable, more comprehensive and more pragmatic platform for sharing innovation and entrepreneurship education among mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

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