Scope & Objectives

As we all know, innovation and entrepreneurship education has already become an essential part of post-secondary education. However, one of the most important factors in preventing its development is the shortage of teachers. The symposium is part of CePIE, funded by the University Grants Committee (UGC) of HKSAR and City University of Hong Kong, aiming at the facilitation of the communication of innovation and entrepreneurship education in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China, promotion of the textbooks and online courses of “3333” (Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education), and offering the opportunity in Industry-University-Research Cooperation

From 2013 on, the symposium has targeted at sharing the global trend and research topics on innovation and entrepreneurship education. This year, experts, entrepreneurs and leading lecturers are invited to share their experience on innovation and entrepreneurship education, as well as the latest development and cooperation in the field of O4O, such as Dr. Hongyi Sun – Coordinator of CePIE, Mr. Dennis Cheung - the Executive Officer of ShowMuse and Chairman of Creative Media Committee of HK, Prof. Meng-xiang Xu – Vice-Principal of National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology, Prof. Yen-Chun Wu – CEO of Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Center of National Taiwan Normal University, Li Xiaoming – Dean of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Institute of China Science & Merchants Capital Management, Prof. Mingde Qi – Dean of Department of Business Administration of School of Management of Guangdong University of Technology, Prof. Bin Zhang - Secretary of the Party Sub-Committee of School of Foreign Languages for Business of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, etc. During the symposium, participants will interact, communicate, and share the issues they confronted in the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship education. If you would like to give a speech or lead a discussion, please specify your topic and outline in your registration form, so that it may be arranged. Please note that priority will be given to the topics on innovation and entrepreneurship general education, online teaching, blended learning, school-enterprise cooperation, education resources, etc. All the participants in the symposium are academic researchers, university lecturers, and people who are very interested in innovation and entrepreneurship education from Asia.