Department of Media and Communication Center for Communication Research

CLASS of 2021 Commencing their new lives as media professional in the workplace

31 May 2021 (Mon)

The 2021 College Commencement, session for the Department of Media and Communication held on campus in a hybrid mode on Thursday, May 27, 2021.

There are 224 graduates conferred this year. The Commencement was presided by Professor HUANG Yi-hui Christine, Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. In her address, Professor Huang extended her heartiest congratulations to the Class of 2021. She encouraged students to look at things differently, think differently and act differently, and create possibilities out of uncertainties. She reminded students to utilise the generic skills learnt at CLASS in daily life and workplaces, and treat every event in life as an opportunity to learn about themselves and the world. 

The commencement also featured an address by Professor Yu-li LIU, Head of the Department of Media and Communication. Professor Liu encouraged students to seize every opportunity to learn and stay strong in the face of new challenges. She also delivered words of endorsement to COM students by shared her mottos: “Perseverance and passion never fail”.  She advised student to always take a step further and never give up. In her opinion, students should persevere and work hard which will enable them to succeed in today’s competitive society.

Miss Hung Kar Yee Cathy delivered the graduation speech at the College Commencement. She thanked teachers, parents and friends for their unwavering support throughout the years of study at CityU.

Following the end of the College Commencement, many graduates captured memories at the Department of Media and Communication, 5/F, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre. 

Congratulations to the Class of 2021! We hope every graduate student will keep the valuable campus memories alive!