Department of Media and Communication Center for Communication Research

The Dean's List in Semester A 2019/20

18 May 2020 (Mon)

The following students from Department of Media and Communication have demonstrated outstanding academic performance with SGPA 3.7 or above, earned 12 credits or more, and carry no course failures and reassessment, in a semester of their studies.
2019-20 Semester A
Programme Awardees Cohort
Department of Media and Communication
(options: BA Digital Television and Broadcasting, BA Media and Communication)
SEPUTRA, Eva Angela 2019
BA in Digital Television and Broadcasting HO, Wei Lin 2016
  SUNG, Ming-han 2016
  CHEN, Yixuan 2017
  CHIN, Kelly 2017
  HE, Xinxuan 2017
  LI, Zhixuan 2017
  LIM, Yewon 2018
  SHEN, Shihshia 2018
  YIM, Ching Yee 2018
BA in Media and Communication JUNATA, Melinda 2016
  WONG, Shu Hei Jacky 2016
  YUAN, Siqi 2016
  LAW, Nok Lam 2017
  NG, Man Fai 2017
  TSE, Chun Hong 2017
  TSE, Pui Ying Andrea 2017
  CHIN, Hsin Ming 2018
  KO, Yuet Lung Yoko 2018
  KIM, Jae Im 2018
  WANG, Xinghan 2018
  YANG, Jingyi 2018
  ZHANG, Ruochen 2018