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CityUHK develops world-leading microwave photonics chip for ultrahigh-speed signal processing
A research team led by Professor Wang Cheng from the Department of Electrical Engineering at CityUHK has developed a world-leading microwave photonic chip that is capable of performing ultrafast analog electronic signal processing and computation using optics.
CityUHK Spring Festival celebrates Chinese New Year with students
Organised by the Student Residence Office of CityUHK, a series of activities capturing the essence of Chinese traditions were held at the Spring Festival on 22 February. More than 1,500 students from various countries and areas gathered to celebrate the Chinese New Year.
Staff party celebrates the Year of the Dragon
CityUHK celebrated the Year of the Dragon at a staff party organised by the Human Resources Office on 22 February. It brought together over 1,000 faculty and staff members to enjoy a festive afternoon.
Innovating into the future
At a media Spring Reception held on 20 February, Professor Freddy Boey, President of CityUHK, along with his senior leadership team, underscored the University’s commitment to “Innovating into the Future”.
CityUHK survey on the impact of Japan’s nuclear wastewater
CityUHK conducted a survey from October to December 2023 to investigate Hong Kong citizens’ views on the perceived risks of nuclear wastewater discharge from the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan and their attitude towards travelling to Japan and purchasing Japanese products.
CityUHK ice cream now available, sparks joy and surprise with six exceptional flavours
CityUHK proudly presents CityUHK Ice Cream, made with fresh milk produced at CityUHK’s dairy farm in Lam Tsuen, Tai Po.
CityUHK celebrates International Day of Women and Girls in Science with female faculty members and students
11 February is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, established by the United Nations. CityUHK has brought together female faculty members and students to join the global celebration, showcasing its dedication to promoting gender equality and fostering an inclusive environment that empowers women in the field of science.
CityUHK introduces locally made dairy products in the Lam Tsuen Well-Wishing Night Market
CityUHK continued to demonstrate its commitment to the local community by participating in the Lam Tsuen Well-Wishing Night Market. From 7 to 13 February, CityUHK staff and students will actively participate in the event, which took place in the same locality as CityUHK Farm. They will share the locally produced dairy products of CityUHK Farm, demonstrating the University’s commitment to sustainable practices.
Delegation from the Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province visits CityUHK
A delegation from the Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province visited CityUHK on 29 January. Discussions between the two sides focused on strengthening exchanges and cooperation in scientific and technological innovation.
Delegations from Nanjing University and Renmin University of China visit CityUHK
Professor Freddy Boey, CityUHK President and Mr Tan Tieniu, member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Party Secretary of Nanjing University, signed an MoU on 26 January, marking a new milestone in academic cooperation between the two universities. In addition, a delegation led by Professor Lin Shangli, President and Vice Chairman of the University Council of Renmin University of China, visited CityUHK on 24 January.

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