Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Academic quality assurance at CityUHK is about providing and maintaining a high quality teaching and learning experience in a strategic and robust manner.

Academic quality is overseen by the Quality Assurance Committee, a Senate Committee, which also provides advice on policy matters related to academic quality, as well as on academic review.


Quality Assurance Policies and Guidelines

The University maintains and regularly reviews a set of quality assurance (QA) policies and guidelines to assure the delivery of quality education.

Quality Audits

Quality Audits

The University via regular internal and external audit exercises assure that the quality assurance arrangements are fit for purpose.


External Benchmarking

The University pays close attention to, and invests heavily in, external benchmarking to draw on the expertise of local and overseas renowned institutions, as well as professional bodies, to assure and enhance academic quality and standards.


Teaching Excellence

CityUHK recognises the teaching excellence of colleagues with its long-standing Teaching Excellence Awards (TEA); and promotes on-going improvements with feedback from students via the Teaching and Learning Questionnaire (TLQ).

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