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Department of Computer Science

Research focus and expertise in the Department include: (1) Multimedia Computing:  Computer Vision; Computer Graphics; Audio Analysis; Speech Processing; Natural Language Analysis; Computer Games; Virtual Reality; Augmented Reality; Mixed Reality; Medical Imaging; Image Processing; Image and Video Coding; Human Motion Analysis; Perception, Neuroscience and Brain Informatics; Multimedia Analytics; Multimedia Information Retrieval; Wearable Computing; Social Media; Mobile Media; Pen Computing; Human Computer Interaction; Multi-modal Data Fusion; (2) Computer Systems and Security: Information Security; Cloud Computing; Internet of Things (IoT); Mobile Computing; Distributed Algorithms and Systems; Data Center Networks; Cyber-Physical Systems; Vehicular Networks; Sensor Networks; Wireless Security; Wearable Sensing; Traffic Estimation; Urban Computing; (3) Applied Algorithms: Bioinformatics; Data and Internet Security; Equilibrium Algorithms; Scheduling; Applied Cryptography; Algorithmic Game Theory; Heuristics; Blockchain; Cryptocurrency; (4) Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics: Knowledge Management; Data Science; Big Data Analytics; Machine Learning; Artificial Intelligence; Database; Optimization; Text Mining; Information Retrieval; Semantic Object Modeling; Data Mining; Data Warehousing; Multimedia Data Indexing; XML and Interoperability; Workflow and Web Services; Recommender Systems; Sentiment Analysis; Deep Learning; Generative Models; Supervised Learning; Semi-supervised Learning; Unsupervised Learning; Neural Networks; (5) Systems, Software Engineering and Internet Applications: Internet Applications; Embedded Systems; Parallel Architecture; Real-time Systems; Software Engineering; E-commerce; E-learning; Innovative Technology for Education; Programming Languages and Systems; Empirical Software Engineering; Software Data Analytics; Software Quality; System Modelling; Software Defect Prediction; Software Effort Estimation; Software Testing; Software Project Management; Machine Learning in Software Engineering; Decentralized Application; Program Debugging; Intelligent Transportation Systems; Storage Systems; (6) Evolutionary Computation: Multiobjective Optimization; Swarm Intelligence; Multi-agent Evolutionary Optimization; Neurodynamic Optimization; Intelligent Control; Intelligent Marine Vehicles; Decomposition Based Algorithms; Computational Intelligence; Fuzzy Systems.

Research Degree Coordinator


Prof. ZHANG Qingfu