Continuing Professional Education

The Jockey Club College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences (the "College") has gained a reputation for being a valuable provider of continuing professional education (CPE) in Hong Kong. Recognising that different veterinarians have different needs, the College provides a variety of CPE events to serve the needs of the community. These range from hands-on wet labs, workshops, seminars and even webinars. We maintain an innovative and collaborative approach in order to deliver high quality programmes that give you several options to keep yourself updated and at the cutting edge of your chosen field.

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Date Topic Speaker
7 December 2023 Veterinary Practice Series 2023-2024: Histology Reports: More than just Diagnosis! Prof May Tse
3 November 2023 Royal Canin Vet Focus Symposium 2023 Dr Nellie Choi, Dr Lara Fossati, Prof. Stefan Hobi and Dr Sonya Bettenay
1 November 2023 Veterinary Practice Series 2023-2024: Nutritional myths debunked: From reading pet food labels, to grain free and raw food diets Dr Lara Fossati
19 October 2023 Veterinary Practice Series 2023-2024: Diagnosis and treatment of feline lymphoma, challenges and rewards Prof Antonio Giuliano
18 & 19 March 2023 Parrot Behaviour and Welfare Drs. Jan Hooimeijer and Dr. Irene Pepperberg


Date Topic Speaker
29 April 2021 Veterinary Legal Series - Topic 1: Informed Consent Dr Bernard Murphy and Mr Chris Howse
11 June 2021 Importance of Poultry Veterinarians One Health-AMR-Biosecurity-Food Safety - Part 1 Dr. Peter Wijnen
25 June 2021 Importance of Poultry Veterinarians One Health-AMR-Biosecurity-Food Safety - Part 2 Dr. Peter Wijnen
21 July 2021 Control Your Veterinary Mind and Enjoy Your Career Dr Brian McErlean
29 July 2021 Veterinary Legal Series - Topic 2: Dealing with complaints Dr Bernard Murphy and Mr Chris Howse
30 July to 1 August 2021 33rd Annual Fred Scott Feline Symposium  
30 September 2021 Veterinary Legal Series - Topic 3: Dealing with VSB disciplinary Issues Dr Bernard Murphy and Mr Chris Howse
25 November 2021 Veterinary Legal Series - Topic 4: Employment Issues for Veterinary Surgeons/Defamation and Social Media Mr Michael Withington, Ms Angela Wu and Dr Bernard Murphy
20 January 2022 Veterinary Legal Series - Topic 5: De-escalating Complaints Dr Bernard Murphy and Mr Chris Howse
19 May 2022 Veterinary Nutrition Webinar Series - Managing GI conditions with diet: From home-cooked for IBD to low-fat for pancreatitis Dr John Loftus
9 June 2022 Veterinary Nutrition Webinar Series - Nutritional management of Chronic Kidney Disease(CKD) Dr Pawel Beczkowski
23 June 2022 Veterinary Nutrition Webinar Series - Advances in Canine Neonatology : what’s new in 2022? Dr Emmanual Fontaine
14 July 2022 Veterinary Nutrition Webinar Series - Nutrition and Heart Diseases: a diet or supplement for every condition Prof Joseph Wakshlag
18 August 2022 Veterinary Nutrition Webinar Series - Supplements in cancer Dr Antonio Giuliano
15 September 2022 Veterinary Nutrition Webinar Series - Nutraceuticals for Arthritis: can we make a difference? Prof Joseph Wakshlag
20 October 2022 Veterinary Nutrition Webinar Series - Fiber Fix: From constipation to diarrhea, the role of fiber for the nutritional management of gastrointestinal disease Dr Sally Perea, Veterinary Nutritionist, Royal Canin
24 November 2022 Veterinary Nutrition Webinar Series - Current knowledge of the pathological mechanism of Atopy and how this can be targeted by nutrition Dr Adrian Watson, Project Scientist (Hair & Skin), Royal Canin Innovation; Dr Xavier Langon, Senior Research Scientist (Dermatology), Royal Canin




Day Month Topic Speaker
3 Dec Using Comparative Cognition to Advance Positive Animal Welfare [cancelled] Dr Alan McElligott
4 Mar Online Water Quality Class for Vets Dr Richmond Loh
Day Month Topic Speaker
3 Oct Wound Management and Bandaging / Decreasing Anaesthetic Morbidity and Mortality Leigh-Anne Nel, Tania Van Der Nest
23 Aug Dealing with Aggression in Dogs & Psychopharmacology and Treating Anxiety in Animals Dr Mami Irimajiri
22 - 23 Jul Dental Workshop Dr Loïc LEGENDRE
19 Jun FeLV, FIV and F3 Feline Viruses - Diagnosis, Management and Treatment Strategies Prof Julia BEATTY, Prof Vanessa BARRS
5 Jun Basic Fish Medicine for your Practice Dr Richmond LOH
2- 4 Apr AOVET Course — Principles in Small Animal Fracture Management Dr Mark Glyde, Dr Lucas Beierer, Dr Christopher TAN, Dr Jason YEH, Dr Jonathan SPEELMAN, Dr Charlie CHANG
2 - 4 Apr AOVET Course — Principles in Equine Fracture Management Dr Christoph LISCHER, Dr Paul ROBINSON, Dr Chris RIGGS, Dr Cedric CHAN, Dr Alex DAVIS
26 - 27 Mar Internal Medicine - Gastroenterology Dr Joerg STEINER 
14 Jan Seminar on Anaesthesia Dr Alan TAYLOR, Mrs Susanne TAYLOR
Day Month Topic Speaker
5 Dec One Health Seminar Series: Food Safety and Veterinary Public Health - Past, Present and Future Dr Nimal PATHIRAJA
4 Dec Canine mast cell tumours: just take it easy! & Cytology: how to be successful - 12 practical tips Dr Katarzyna PURZYCKA
20 Nov Feline Medicine Webinar: Lecture Series 3 - Diarrhoea In Kittens Dr Danielle GUNN-MOORE
6 - 8 Nov CityU Centre of Animal Welfare presents Animal Behaviour and Welfare Series Prof Katherine Albro HOUPT, Prof Barbara PADALINO
25 - 26 Oct UFAW 2018 Animal Welfare Across Borders Global Conference Dr Johnson CHIANG, Dr Judy MACARTHUR CLARK, Dr Birte L NIELSEN, Prof Natalie WAREN
24 Oct Animal Abuse: Identification and knowing what to do Prof Ranald MUNRO, Dr Paula BOYDEN
20 Sep Veterinary radiology interactive case interpretation: Using cases to learn important principles of interpretation Dr Hock Gan HENG
28 - 29 Aug Veterinary Education Series: Sharpen your Clinical Thinking Dr David CHURCH, Jill MADDISON
21 Aug Feline Medicine Webinar: Lecture Series 2 - Diabetes mellitus in the cat  Dr Danielle GUNN-MOORE
20 Jul Approach to cats with lower urinary tract diseases Dr Susan LITTLE
4 Jul Lecture Series on Laboratory Animals Science Dr. Anthony JAMES, Prof Andrew MILLER, Dr. Jeffrey KELU, Dr. Siva TSANG, Dr. Joanne TAM & Dr. Keith LEUNG 
27 Jun CityU VDL presents: How to get the most out of your veterinary diagnostic laboratory Dr Fraser HILL, Dr Allan KESSELL, Dr Jeanine SANDY, Dr Vidya BHARDWAJ
20 Jun Corneal pathology: Medical and surgical management, and the latest advances in both Dr Manuela CRASTA
14 Jun Dealing with clients' complaints Dr Bernard MURPHY, Mr Chris HOWSE
29 May Symmetric dimethylarginine (SDMA) - The New Renal Biomaker  Dr Jane ROBERTSON
22 May Feline Medicine Webinar: Lecture Series 1- Triaditis introduction Dr Danielle GUNN-MOORE
17 May DERMATOLOGY SEMINAR Diagnosis and Treatment of Canine Atopic Dermatitis – from the past to the future Dr Charles CHEN
9, 16 May Veterinary Laboratory Techniques Series: Blood Analysis - make it perfect Dr Jason WONG, Ms Fannie TSANG, Ms Isabella NG
2 May Animal Welfare in the Veterinary Clinic (Session 2)
Animal welfare & ethics in practical context
Dr Natasha LEE
10 Apr Animal Welfare in the Veterinary Clinic (Session 1)
Animal welfare - beyond good and bad animal health
Dr Natasha LEE
20 Jan Emergency and Critical Care Workshop: ACVECC Certified CPR course Dr Daniel FLETCHER
Day Month Topic Speaker
13, 15 Dec Lecture Series on Pathology of Laboratory Animals Prof Ralph BUNTE, Dr Allan KESSELL, Dr Fraser HILL, Dr Anthony JAMES
7 - 8 Nov Basic Ultrasonography techniques for the General Practitioner Dr Hock Gan HENG
31 Oct Waterworks matters - A practical workshop looking at the diagnosis and treatment of urinary tract disease Dr David SENIOR, Dr Allan KESSELL
25 Oct New Zealand’s Animal Welfare Strategy Mr Mark WARD
16 Oct A Visit to the Veterinary Mind Temple: What is new and helping us understand Veterinary Mental Health Dr Brian MCERLEAN
18 Sep Demodex in Dogs: Is the Long Party Finally Over? Dr David ROBSON
5 Sep Management of Addisonian Crisis Dr Stephanie JOHNNIDES
29 Aug Practical Haematology Workshop Dr Allan KESSELL
23 Aug How Endoscopic Surgery can help your practice Dr Jolle KIRPENSTEIJN
22 Aug THE ITCHY INFECTED SKIN - An interactive, case-based seminar on Sarcoptes, atopy and pyoderma Dr Stefan HOBI
18 Jul A holistic case - based approach to Clinical Pathology results interpretation Dr Allan KESSELL
6 Apr Infection Control in a Clinic Dr Gillian PERKINS
28 - 31 Mar Small Animal and Equine Orthopaedic Workshops Dr Christopher RIGGS, Dr Jorg AUER, Dr Dean RICHARDSON, Dr Paul ROBINSON
25 - 26 Mar Small Animal Ultrasound Workshop Dr Mark GLYDE, Dr Alessandro PIRAS, Dr Michael CONZEMIUS, Dr Christopher TAN, Dr Mark NEWMAN, Dr Lucas BEIERER
1 Mar Antimicrobial Resistance - Current evidence gaps for informed public health risk management Dr Katharina STAERK
28 Feb Endodontics: Good health comes from within Dr Nadine FIANI
13 Feb Current and future swine breeding management Dr Roy KRIKWOOD
10 Jan Time to Act: Decisions for Emergency Surgery Dr Thomas EDWARDS, Dr Jacquelyn PARKER, Dr Alan TAYLOR
10 Jan Feline Cognitive Dysfunction Dr Danielle GUNN-MOORE
6 Jan Host switching of herpesviruses - species specificity is no more Prof Klaus OSTERRIEDER
Day Month Topic Year 2014
6 - 7 Oct An Excellent Opportunity for Hands-on Orthopaedic Surgery Workshop  
28 - 29 Aug Veterinary Continuing Education in Cytology and Oncology  
25 - 28 Mar AOVET Course - Principles in Equine Fracture Management  
Day Month Topic Year 2013
11 - 13 Dec 4th South China Small Animal Veterinary Conference  
21 - 22 Nov International Animal Welfare Symposium  
20 Nov Pathology of Forensic Animal Welfare Cases  
6 - 8 Nov Mini-Conference in Small Animal Geriatric Care  
1 Nov Orthopaedic Seminar  
1 - 2
Surgical Evenings For Veterinary Surgeons and Assistants  
2 - 3 May IACUC/AEC training programme  
27 - 29 Mar Equine Colic and Abdominal Surgery Symposium  
12 - 13 Mar Seminar for Vet Nurses  
4 Mar Treating Lymphoma in Dogs and Cats  
21 Feb Veterinary Imaging & Cardiology Seminar  
18 -20 Feb Hands On Ultrasound Workshop  
Day Month Topic Year 2012
26 - 28 Nov Conference in Small Animal Practice  
14 - 16 Mar PAVC Cardiology Seminar  
11 - 13 Jan Asian Equine Upper Airway Symposium  
26 Aug Treating Heart Disease in the Dog: Now and Next  
10 Dec One-Health Workshop