Student Societies & Clubs

Veterinary Medicine Society (VMS)


VMS is a student-led and non-profit organization subsidized by the JCC and formally recognized by CityU as the JCC Student Chapter. Founded in 2020, VMS has four primary visions:

  • to facilitate personal development through organizing a diverse range of activities encompassing social, recreational, and educational aspects;
  • to provide guidance and support to incoming students;
  • to serve as a vital communication channel between the JCC and students; and
  • to represent veterinary students and promote animal welfare in Hong Kong.


1. Buddy Programme
The buddy programme is one of VMS’ major events where senior-year students in the BVM programme are paired up with first year students to provide peer mentoring. The aim is to provide guidance and support to first years by leveraging the experience and knowledge of the seniors. This mentorship helps freshers adjust to the new academic environment and offers ongoing assistance throughout the first year of studies. By addressing queries and difficulties, the mentors help the newcomers to endure challenges and develop resilience. Moreover, the buddy programme serves as a platform to foster connections and strengthen bonds between different cohorts within the BVM programme. All Year 2 BVM students are eligible mentors, while mentees are Year 1 BVM students.

Alpaca farm visit  
Alpaca Farm Visit_1 Alpaca Farm Visit_2
Feline nutrition workshop at a cat cafe (co-organized with Royal Canin)  
Cat Cafe_1 Cat Cafe_2

2. Orientation Day
The Orientation Day, in collaboration with the Buddy Programme, creates a meaningful and engaging event for the freshers. During this day, the freshers are grouped with senior-year students, forming teams to participate in various interactive games and activities. The primary objective of the Orientation Day is to facilitate mutual introductions and foster connections between freshers and seniors. By engaging in team-building exercises, the participants have the opportunity to establish bonds that extend beyond the event, ensuring ongoing support and guidance throughout the first year. Additionally, the Orientation Day serves as a platform for the exchange of valuable resources, experiences, and knowledge between the different cohorts, enhancing the overall learning and development in vet school.

Oday_1 Oday_2

3. Animal Welfare Booth
The Animal Welfare Awareness Booth, with a focus on pet adoption, is an initiative aimed at raising awareness among students of CityU about pressing issues related to animal adoption and trading. The booth serves as a platform to ignite students' attention and compassion towards animal welfare in Hong Kong. Inviting guests with expertise in animal-related fields and representatives from animal welfare organizations, the booth provides an opportunity for students to gain valuable insights and knowledge about animal welfare issues. Additionally, the booth showcases the perspectives and thoughts of CityU veterinary students on animal welfare matters, allowing their voices to be heard and spreading the message of compassion and responsible pet ownership within the university community.

Animal Welfare Booth_1 Animal Welfare Booth_2

4. Career talk
Throughout the year, VMS organizes career talks, which are valuable opportunities for students to gain insights into various career pathways within the veterinary field. By inviting veterinary professionals and specialists, including specialists in small animals, exotics, equine, and more, the event provides a platform for these experts to share their personal career journeys, experiences, and inspirations. Through this event, students can broaden their understanding of different specialties, gather knowledge about the requirements and challenges of each field, and draw inspiration from the success stories of established professionals.


Career talk_1 Career talk_2

5. High Table Dinner
The High Table Dinner is a highly regarded event that aims to bring together students from different cohorts, fostering strong bonds and a sense of belonging. This prestigious dinner provides an excellent opportunity for students to expand their networks and socialize with professionals in the field who are often invited as distinguished guests. Students actively participate in organizing the event, infusing it with creativity and ensuring a fun-filled evening for all attendees. Through this event, students not only forge connections but also contribute to enhancing the reputation of the JCC and the BVM programme.

high table
high table_2


Contact and Social Media Accounts
Facebook: Veterinary Medicine Society, CityU
Instagram/ Twitter: cityu_vms

International Veterinary Students Association (IVSA)


IVSA is a non-profit organization established in 1951. It is the world’s largest veterinary student association, with 73 countries and 195 member organizations involved to foster a fundamental platform for international veterinary students to connect and to create global networking opportunities.

The China chapter of IVSA (IVSA China) was initially established in 2020 but discontinued in 2021 due to the inactivity during the COVID pandemic. With the concerted effort from the core members and continuous support from local veterinary students, IVSA China was officially re-established in January 2023.

With the mission of connecting veterinary students to the world, IVSA China is cooperating with other IVSA chapters worldwide to provide global outreach activities to members, including individual and group exchanges conducted virtually and in person. Furthermore, opportunities to join veterinary congresses and symposia are also offered. These activities aim to expose members to the international application of veterinary skills, education and knowledge along with unique cultures in various countries.

Besides the breadth of international outreach programmes, IVSA China also facilitates student’s access to local veterinary opportunities. Through this, the association improves the quality of Hong Kong veterinary students whilst simultaneously displaying our unique, local veterinary culture to people from all walks of life.


IVSA provides opportunities for students to connect with other IVSA students overseas. Recently, IVSA had two face-to-face exchanges with IVSA Czech Republic and IVSA Taiwan. Students visited veterinary schools and hospitals in the respective countries and experienced different cultures during the exchanges. In addition, the participants could share their own experiences as veterinary students in Hong Kong as well as receive insight from veterinarians in other countries. Overall, the exchange served as both an educational and recreational extra-curricular activity for veterinary students.

Before the face-to-face exchanges officially commenced, IVSA hosted virtual exchanges on Zoom between IVSA Pookode and IVSA Philippines. Students were able to network, discuss veterinary studies in each country and share interesting cultural information.

On top of exchange opportunities, IVSA also offers overseas internship opportunities, allowing the student body to connect with the veterinary field outside of school. This way, students can connect with health professionals and take a step forward in advancing their professional careers.

IVSA Global holds annual congresses and symposia where IVSA members come together from different countries for diverse activities such as workshops, cultural events, lectures, and engaging in interactive activities. The key element is the General Assembly (GA), where members decide on the future direction of IVSA and vote on crucial matters that could potentially impact the students as well. The GA also has an important role in electing the next IVSA officials and the host countries for future events.


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Equine Veterinary Club (EVC)


The Equine Veterinary Club (EVC) was set up in August 2023, aiming to provide extra equine medicine learning opportunities for students interested in pursuing a career in equine practices. The EVC was generously supported by the Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC), which provided venues, materials and vets hosting the club sessions.


The major purpose of the club is to provide club members with additional exposure to equine medicine and surgery besides the contents covered in the BVM programme, so as to increase their competency when applying for an equine internship or other exclusively equine careers in the future.


Club activities mainly involve seminars and practical sessions focusing on areas that could be further developed in addition to contents covered in the BVM programme. Such aspects may include equine imaging (radiography, ultrasound interpretation and introduction to other imaging modalities), more advanced joint block/ medications (on cadaver specimens), minor surgical procedures (on cadaver specimens), and more in-depth knowledge of racing/ equestrianism along with the related management and treatment decisions, etc.


Members’ reflection

LEE Sze Ming, Martin

With sessions provided by professional equine vets from the Hong Kong Jockey Club, the Equine Veterinary Club exposes members to equine medical knowledge and practical skills complementary to the basics covered in the BVM curriculum. It provides golden opportunities to sharpen one’s edges before he/she begin his/her career as an equine vet. It is highly recommended for senior students who intend to enter the equine medical field in the future.

CHAN Hiu Man, Monica

The insightful lectures by veterinarians from the Hong Kong Jockey Club provided practical knowledge that beautifully complements our curriculum. The intimate teaching groups fostered an interactive and enjoyable learning environment, making each session both educational and engaging. I highly recommend the Equine Club for its blend of practical learning, interactive sessions, and a supportive community that inspires growth and passion in equine care.

WONG Lok Yiu Sammi

Having had the opportunity to attend the Equine Veterinary Club's sessions at the Equine Hospital, I can confidently vouch for their worth. The detailed radiology lecture offered practical insights and direct experience that have greatly enriched my studies. The nurturing atmosphere and the vast expertise provided by the Hong Kong Jockey Club make this club a remarkable resource for learning. I strongly endorse this club for anyone with a keen interest in equine medicine.


The JCC and the club members would like to heartfully thank the HKJC and their veterinarians for hosting various club activities and providing valuable educational resources for BVM students. Particularly, Dr. Gareth Fitch, a veterinarian of the HKJC and a former CityU professor, plays a vital role in the establishment of the EVC and coordination of club events.

Ruminant Club


The Ruminant Club was set up in August 2023, aiming to provide extracurricular activities to students interested in learning and getting practical experience about ruminant individual and population medicine (cattle, goats, sheep and alpacas). The Ruminant Club activities are supported by the CityU Farm and the Ruminant Ambulatory Service.


  • To provide opportunities for development of skills in ruminant husbandry and medicine.
  • To provide hands-on activities to reinforce formal learning and mandatory Extra-Mural Studies (EMS).


All the Ruminant Club activities are voluntary. Students from all years are welcome to join the club activities.

CityU Dairy Farm activities - Dairy cattle

  • Dairy cattle husbandry and management (e.g., bedding and feeding cows and calves)
  • Dairy cattle routine tasks (e.g., milking, ear tagging, body condition scoring, vaccination, hoof trimming, etc.)
  • Dairy cattle veterinary procedures (e.g., calf dehorning, castration, calving, etc.)

Ruminant Ambulatory Service activities - Goats, sheep, cattle and alpacas

  • Safe handling of different ruminant species
  • Preventive/ collective medicine: routine healthcare visits (e.g., vaccination, deworming, etc.)
  • Individual medicine: diagnosis and treatment of sick and injured animals (e.g., physical examination, samples collection, ultrasound, medications administration, etc.)
Ruminant club_1 Ruminant club_2