About Us


The Centre for Applied One Health Research and Policy Advice (OHRP)
was established at the Jockey Club College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences (JCC), City University of Hong Kong (CityU) in October 2016. Its mission is to generate scientific knowledge that will lead to the development of evidence-led policies at local, national, regional and international levels for the prevention and control of infectious animal diseases affecting human health and animal production, welfare and health.



  • To conduct high quality-scientific research on policy-relevant topics within the context of animal production, welfare and health, with a particular emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches.
  • To become a recognised global centre of excellence in One Health research and policy advice.




OHday 2023 main
One Health Week 2023

An exciting series of events for you to participate in and celebrate: 1. Photo Contest and Exhibition 2. One Health Webinar Series (Oct 30th – Nov 3rd, 2023) 3. Infographic Exhibition

CityU’s One Health centre works to curb the rise of new diseases

Scholars working at the Centre of Applied One Health Research and Policy Advice aim to connect research and policy to ......

Epidemix Webinar: Modelling the spread of AI with Epidemix

Presented by Prof Dirk Pfeiffer (City University Hong Kong and Royal Veterinary College, UK), Dr Guillaume Fournié (Royal Veterinary College, UK) and Dr Petra ......