Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


The Jockey Club College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences actively promotes Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) for all of our staff and students.  To this end, the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Sub-committee was established under the Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine (BVM) Programme Committee in August 2022 to assist the BVM Programme Committee and BVM Executive Team in:

  • Encouraging learning, deliberating, and understanding about DEI, and providing support and opportunities to all underrepresented groups
  • Leading improvements in DEI across the BVM Program
  • Continuously improving the BVM Program, by creating an environment that facilitates optimal research, education and work for all
  • Promoting respect for all; reflected in all internal operations with a view to overcome systemic barriers in order to model an inclusive society built on respect for one another
  • Ensuring awareness and sensitivity training to staff and students associated with the BVM program
  • Warranting fair and transparent treatment for all in academic and professional service roles, especially with regard to recruitment, retention, promotion with a focus on inclusion
  • Leading policies, events and other activities related to promotion of DEI
  • Working alongside other sub-committees, when required to provide guidance on specific DEI issues that impact workplace complexities 

 DEI Poster

If any of our staff or students have concerns or questions related to DEI matters, please feel free to contact Prof. McElligott as Chair, or other members of the committee.  Any correspondence that we receive will be treated as strictly confidential.

Action Plan

JCC BVM DEI Action Plan (2022/2023)


The DEI Sub-committee composition will include at least 8 members from diverse communities:

  • 4 members nominated by the Dean, 4 members nominated by the Associate Dean & Director of Veterinary Affairs
  • The number of male and female members will as near as possible to equal
  • There will be at least one undergraduate student representative
  • Attending scheduled meetings as often as possible
  • Wholeheartedly championing inclusivity related to within JCC DEI activities
  • Self-reflection and awareness, to ensure that the Committee itself is representative and inclusive

Membership list

Prof. Alan McELLIGOTT, Associate Professor (PH)
Ex Officio:
Prof. Vanessa BARRS, Dean, Chair Professor (JCC)
Prof. Pawel BECZKOWSKI, Assistant Dean and Director of Veterinary Affairs (JCC)
Prof. Wenlong CAI, Assistant Professor (PH)
Prof. Kwan Ting, CHOW, Assistant Professor (BMS)
Prof. Priscilla FREITAS GERBER, Assistant Professor (PH)
Prof. Eloi GUARNIERI, Clinical Assistant Professor (VCS)
Mr. Khizar HAYAT, Early Career Researcher Representative
Dr. Cherry LEE, Scientific Officer (JCC)
Mr. Richard SHAH, Supervisor (PH)
Ms. Devika SURESH, BVM student
Mr. Gary LEE, Supervisory Executive Officer (JCC)


Year Meeting Date Minutes
2022 1st 6 October 2022 JCC BVM DEI Meeting 1 Minutes
2022 2nd 20 December 2022 JCC BVM DEI Meeting 2 Minutes
2023 3rd 12 April 2023 JCC BVM DEI Meeting 3 Minutes
2023 4th 20 June 2023 JCC BVM DEI Meeting 4 Minutes


Left = Equality, everyone has been provided with a box to see over the barrier. 
Middle = Equity, boxes have been provided based on need. 
Right = Inclusion, looking at how to change the environment and remove all barriers
Valbrun, V. (2017) Equity vs. Equality: Eliminating Opportunity Gaps in Education.