College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Freshmen Checklist

Activate your Electronic ID Click here
Update your contact information in AIMS Click here
Apply for student lockers via AIMS [Deadline: 30 Aug 2020] Click here
Read the Academic Regulations for Undergraduate Degrees Click here
Understand the curriculum structure Click here
Pay attention to the course add/drop period for Semester A [Deadline: 7 Sep 2020] Click here
Enroll in CHIN1001 University Chinese I if required Click here
Stay tuned for announcements on teaching and learning arrangements Click here
Fulfill the University Requirement on Academic Honesty [Deadline: 30 Nov 2020]
Students failing to complete the requirement by the deadline will not be able to access their course grades online
Click here
Familiarise with procedures to report extenuating circumstances affecting assessment Click here
Settle the tuition fee for Semester A Click here
Financial aids: Apply for Tertiary Student Finance Scheme and Non-means-tested Loan Scheme for Full-time Tertiary Students (if deemed necessary) Click here