College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Inbound Exchange

Buddies Club


The Buddies Club of College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences was set up by the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences in September 2007 with the aim of strengthening interaction between local and international exchange students.

The Club organises regular interactive gatherings for all CLASS local and exchange students to learn about different cultures from each other. These include the BBQ party, city tours, cycling activities, museum visits and farewell parties.


  • To encourage social and cultural interaction between local students and CLASS exchange students;
  • To offer an opportunity for exchange students to learn more about Hong Kong culture and to enhance their sense of belonging to the CLASS and CityU;
  • To provide strong support for exchange students in terms of learning and extra-curricular activities; and
  • To broaden the global vision of local students and their understanding of foreign cultures.

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