College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Cultural and Language Immersion

Fee and Funding Support

  1. CityU sponsorship normally covers up to 60% of total expenses and is dependent on successful completion of the CALI programme.
  2. AFTER THE SPONSORSHIP from CityU, the estimated amount you are required to pay to join the CALI programme at Hertford College, University of Oxford is around HK$ 40,000. The exact amount will be announced later.
  3. After announcement of results, students will have around 2-3 days to accept the offer by paying a refundable HK$3,000 caution money and fill in the reply slip enclosed in the announcement email.
  4. Caution money: The caution money is refundable, provided that students fulfil all programme requirements. It is non-transferable and does not form any portion of the programme fee. Students who withdraw at any time with no strong justifiable reason will not get any refund. If any additional cost is incurred after full payment, e.g. change in exchange rate or rise of fuel costs/other charges for air ticket, the additional cost will be deducted from the caution money.
  5. All students participating in this programme will be required to purchase a travel insurance covering COVID-19 infection before departure and provide proof of purchase.
  6. Participants are responsible for additional personal costs, if any, including but not limited to insurance, visa fee, vaccination, quarantine hotel stay, mandatory COVID-19 tests, etc.
  7. Under the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic, students should beware of their financial responsibility before and throughout the programme, e.g., any personal insurance, visa application payment, and/or personal expenses incurred by students will not be refunded or subsidised by CityU or the College should the programme be called off.
  8. Should the partner institution cancel face-to-face instruction for its classes, the programme will be called off.
  9. Participants will receive the programme fee refund ONLY IF his/her assigned programme is called off by CityU or the partner institution before the programme commencement date.
  10. The programme fee covers airfare (round trip between HK and the hosting country), accommodation, and programme fee/tuition. Most meals are included (for details, please see the Programme Information section). The partner institution will arrange airport pick up and drop off. Personal expenses are not included.
  11. No teacher will accompany the student group when they depart from Hong Kong nor when they return from the overseas airport.
  12. Students are responsible for their own living expenses during the programme, including but not limited to local transportation, laundry, insurance, education expenses for books, stationery, etc.
  13. Eligible students with financial needs may apply to the Global Engagement Office (GEO) for partial sponsorship from the Scheme for Subsidy on Exchange (SSE) / Scheme for Subsidy on Exchange to "Belt and Road" Regions (SSEBR) via the College. Application procedures will be announced by GEO to successful applicants in due course.
  14. Students may also visit the Student Development Services website (here) for other financial assistance schemes and/or scholarships that may be available.