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New Faculty

Name Department Title Direct Line Email Interest Description Profile Page
Dr Edmund W CHENG
Department of Public Policy Associate Professor 3442 9401 Contentious politics and political sociology; Hong Kong politics and global China; Public opinion survey and mixed methods Dr Edmund CHENG Wai’s research interests include contentious politics, political sociology, public opinion survey, Hong Kong politics and Global China. Click here
Dr CUI Wendong
Department of Chinese and History Assistant Professor 3442 8796 Modern Chinese Literature and Culture; Hong Kong Literature and Culture; Sinophone literature; Comparative and World Literature Dr CUI Wendong’s research focuses on modern Chinese literature and places a strong emphasis on transcultural translation. Click here
Dr HU Wanyang
Department of Public Policy Assistant Professor 3442 7472 Urban and regional development; Housing policy; Migration; Quantitative method Dr HU Wanyang’s research focuses on urban and regional development, particularly the intersection between urban policy, labor mobility, and economic development. She also works on housing market analysis and housing policy. Click here
Professor Christine HUANG Yihui
Department of Media and Communication Chair Professor of Communication and Media 3442 8736 Cross-cultural communication and relationship; Chinese communication and relationship management; Public relations management, effectiveness, and value; Crisis management and crisis communication; Conflict resolution and negotiation Professor Christine HUANG Yihui’s research interests include public relationship management, crisis communication, conflict negotiation, and cross-cultural communications and relationship. Click here
Dr Claudia KIM Junghyun
Department of Asian and International Studies Assistant Professor 3442 7040 Military bases; Social movements; Alliance politics; Korea and Japan Dr Claudia KIM’s research focuses on military bases and social movements. For 2019-20, she was a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University's Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Program on US-Japan Relations. Click here
Professor LIN Shaoyang
Department of Chinese and History Professor 3442 2991 The intellectual, literary and political histories in the East Asian Sinitic sphere (China and Japan) from the early modern period onward; In particular, the late Qing Chinese intellectual history from both a global and, more specifically, an East Asian perspective; The history of historiography in modern China and Japan; Sino-Japanese exchanges; Comparative literature, and Critical Theory Professor LIN Shaoyang’s research stretches over modern Japan studies and modern China studies with interdisciplinary approaches. Click here
Dr LIU Dongshu
Department of Public Policy Assistant Professor 3442 9557 Political Institution and Political Economy of Authoritarian Regime; Public Opinion and Political Behavior in Autocracies; Chinese Politics and Public Policies Dr LIU Dongshu’s research interests include Chinese politics, political economy and institutions in authoritarian regimes, and survey experiment on public opinion and political behavior. Click here
Dr MAI Ziyin
Department of Linguistics and Translation Assistant Professor 3442 6426 Childhood bilingualism; Heritage language acquisition; Second language acquisition; Language processing Dr MAI Ziyin’s specialises in childhood bilingualism and second language acquisition. Click here
Dr Nick OR Hin-kin
Department of Public Policy Assistant Professor 3442 6949 Policy agendas and processes; Authoritarian regimes; Globalisation; Information processing; Hong Kong Politics Dr OR Hin-kin’s research interests lie in the field of public policy, comparative politics and authoritarian regimes by drawing insights from behavioural and complexity sciences, using quantitative techniques and experimental methods. He is also interested in studying how individuals and organisations process policy-related information and Hong Kong Politics. Click here
Department of Public Policy Associate Professor 3442 6590 Public service performance; Turnover of senior managers and civil servants; Citizen interactions with public services; Research transparency Dr Nicolai PETROVSKY’s research focuses on public service performance and the role senior officials play in it, citizen-state interactions, and transparent and replicable research. Click here
Dr TSE Chun-yu
Department of Social and Behavioural Sciences Assistant Professor 3442 4533 Cognitive neuroscience: brain dynamics in change detection and prediction violation; Brain imaging and stimulation methods: multimodal imaging methods, optical brain imaging, magnetic and electric brain stimulation, and functional connectivity Dr TSE Chun-yu major research interest is in studies related to Cognitive neuroscience: brain dynamics in auditory and language processes. Brain imaging methods: multimodal imaging methods, optical brain imaging, and functional connectivity. Click here
Name Department Title Direct Line Email Interest Description Profile Page
Professor Alfred HO Tat-kei
Department of Public Policy Professor / Head 3442 8902 Public budgeting; Performance management and governance; Local government; Comparative budget reform, citizen participation, e-government. Professor Alfred HO is a leading scholar in public administration, especially in the subfields of performance management and budgeting, e-government, and citizen engagement. Click here
Department of English Assistant Professor 3442 8554 Corpus linguistics; Grammar/syntax; English for academic purposes; Second language writing; and Natural language processing Dr Ge LAN holds a PhD in second language studies from Purdue University. He is a member of Corpus and Repository of Writing (Crow), an inter-institutional research project in the United States. Click here