College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

CLASS Advanced Methods School

CLASS Advanced Method School aims to bring together esteemed methodologists worldwide to provide up-to-date, wide-ranging, and mixed methods training for faculty members, researchers, and students. Recent years have witnessed a surging demand for and interest in data-driven research in the realms of the art, humanities, and social sciences. Research methodology has emerged as a distinct subfield touching upon computational methods, survey experiments, digital humanities, and data science. Nevertheless, the study of human values and behaviour has continued to be inspired by other theoretical traditions and methodological approaches including historical, qualitative, and ethnographic methods.


  • To provide rigorous, cutting-edge and multi-method training for faculty members, research staff and postgraduate students at CityU;
  • To foster interdisciplinary collaboration across departments within CLASS and beyond, in particular for inter-disciplinary research projects;
  • To facilitate transnational academic exchange amongst scholars around the world.