Academic Honesty
Fundamental principles for knowledge discovery and innovation

Academic Honesty

Being an effective member of the academic community

Now that you are enrolled at a university, you are participating in an academic community of scholars and students, who are involved in the creation and sharing of knowledge and intellectual property. In order to be an effective member of that community and get the most out of your studies, you are expected to conduct yourself appropriately by following principles of academic honesty.

This website aims to help you to understand key principles of academic honesty that you are expected to follow in your academic work. By following these principles you will learn how to present your academic work in a more effective way, which

  1. meets the expectations of your professors, and
  2. acknowledges the work of others through ‘citation’ and ‘referencing’

University requirement on academic honesty

In order to learn about academic honesty, in your first semester of enrolment, i.e.

  • by 30 November for Semester A and summer admissions or
  • by 30 April for Semester B admissions,

you are required to

  1. complete an online tutorial;
  2. take an online quiz; and
  3. fill out an online declaration.

If you don’t go through this process, you will not be able to access your grades online.

To find out more about this requirement, please click here.