College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Research Degree Programmes (RPg)

The University has approved the following research areas for the purpose of admission of research degree students in the College:

Policy and Administration

The field of Policy and Administration has been established as an area of excellence at an internationally competitive level in the University. Research covers the areas of governance, public and social policy, personal and social services, public administration and management, applied ethics, regional/international studies and social research. Policy and Administration themes include climate and environment, labour, health care, education, housing, public finance, personnel management, government/political reforms, central-local relations, civil society, community and social development, gender, family, youth and aging, ethnicity, and crime and criminal justice. Focused on Hong Kong and the region (Greater China and Asia), the research is both empirically oriented and theoretically informed.

Language, Communication and Creativity

Research in the area of Language, Communication and Creativity encompasses all six departments in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. Research fields in language include such applications of linguistics and language technology as machine translation, corpus linguistics, computational linguistics, speech analysis, language and law, computer assisted language learning and forensic phonetics, as well as studies in syntax, semantics, pragmatics, terminology, sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, first and second language acquisition, Chinese and English for creative and professional purposes (with particular focus on such areas as business, law, medicine, cultural industries and education), computer-mediated discourse, the English language and intercultural communication, world Englishes and English as a second language. Research fields in media and communication studies include the structures, processes, content and effects of various modes of media communication in relation to their larger political, economic, technological and cultural contexts — for example, adoption and use of the Internet, global news and comparative journalism, political economy of communication, determinants of news selection, online games and social capital, media and social change, media globalisation, inter-cultural communication, computer-mediated communication and cyberspace piracy and regulation. Research fields in creativity include innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship across cultures, creative industries, creativity of individuals, creativity in organisations, visual and sound cultures, comparative cultural studies, comparative literature, and cultural and heritage management.

For details, please go to the website of Chow Yei Ching School of Graduate Studies.
Please visit the corresponding website of the following departments for a more comprehensive list of areas in which postgraduate research may be undertaken: