Student Exchange (Outbound)

Student exchange can be a good learning experience. Joining a student exchange programme allows you to live and study overseas for a few months. During that period, you are registered as a full time student in an overseas institution. Course credits earned can be counted towards your academic programme at CityU.

Student exchange have been popular among university students worldwide for many years. Many of our students joined student exchange programmes. They went to the USA, Canada, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Austria, Finland, UK, The Netherlands, Japan, Singapore, mainland China, and other places.

The university has exchange agreements with a large number of overseas institutions at the institutional and College level. Additional information and application for outbound student exchange as well as other global opportunities can be found in the respective websites of the Global Engagement Office (GEO) and College of Engineering (CENG).

The main round of application is around the beginning of Semester B. Students interested in student exchange in either semester A or B in the following year should apply. A clearing round of application around the beginning of Semester A for exchange in the following Semester B. Please note that most of the exchange offers are given out in the main round. Applications should be submitted through AIMS during the application period.

Note that while a high CGPA helps in the application, interview performance is also important.

Financial support is available through GEO and the department.

Guidelines on Credit Transfer for Outbound Exchange Students

  1. The guidelines are applicable for all outgoing exchanges.
  2. Students should comply to the academic regulation (10) “Maximum and Minimum Study Load” under which except for the Summer Term, full-time students must register for courses summing to a total of at least 12 credits and for not more than 18 credits.
  3. Students should achieve the minimum requirement (grade C or equivalent) for an exchange course with which credit transfer will be sought for.
  4. The credit transfer for completed exchange courses conducted in languages other than English will be capped at 12 credits.
  5. The maximum number of credit transfer for BME students to fulfill their core and/or elective courses requirement will be capped at 12 credits.
  6. The University’s guidelines on credit transfer are available from:
    Source from Aims > Uni Services > ARRO Student Services > Credit Transfer > Approval Guidelines

The number of credit units transferred to CityU should be determined with regard to CityU's practice of granting one credit unit for forty-to-fifty hours of student work.

*Please take note of the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Privacy Notice if you are an outbound student joining exchange programme(s) in the European Union (EU) or United Kingdom (UK) partner universities.


Student Exchange Coordinator

Coordinator: Prof. Pakpong Chirarattananon

Last modified on 30 November, 2023