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Outbound Student Exchange

About SEP

Student Exchange Programme (SEP) is an opportunity for CityUHK students to study outside of Hong Kong at our partner institutions in over 45 countries/regions worldwide.

As an outbound exchange student of CityUHK, you will gain a new learning experience through studying and living abroad for one semester at our partner institution. You will maintain full-time student status at the host institution and earn academic credits that can be transferred back to CityUHK (subject to approval) without paying tuition fees to the host institution.

If you are looking for a life-changing experience, SEP is definitely the right opportunity for you!

Why Exchange?

Appreciate new cultures & values
Gain lifelong friendship
Polish language ability & communication skills
Enhance self-management & decision-making skills
Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime adventure

SEP Timeline

Nov - Dec
Main Round Application
Jan - Feb
Main Round Application Result Announcement
Jan - Feb
Summer Application
Feb - Mar
Summer Application Result Announcement
Feb - Apr
Pre-departure Orientation for Semester A
Mar - Apr
Pre-departure Orientation for Summer
Jul - Aug
Second Round Application
Aug - Sep
Second Round Application Result Announcement
Sep - Oct
Pre-departure Orientation for Semester B

What Our Students are Saying

Engaging in conversations with new friends from around the world and learning about their diverse cultures is fascinating.

Yawei Fang (Chinese and History) studied with the National University of Singapore through CityUHK's Student Exchange Programme. "My great-grandfat...
Yawei Fang
National University of Singapore

I am eager to have the opportunity to experience a completely different academic system and learning atmosphere.”

Chui Ying Chan (Chinese and History) joined the Student Exchange Programme at CityUHK and studied with Linköping University in Sweden. "When decidi...
Chui Ying Chan
Linköping University

I get to experience a new culture and meet lots of new friends.

Richard Afandy, a 3rd year Global Business student from Indonesia, is here to share his semester exchange experience at the Bocconi University in Mila...
Richard Afandy
Bocconi University

It’s definitely one of the best times of my life!

Data Science student Darren Budiman studied with The University of Oklahoma (OU) in the US through CityU’s Student Exchange Programme. “OU’s campus...
Darren Budiman
The University of Oklahoma

Don’t be shy of approaching people. I would have missed many interesting conversations if I had stayed in my bubble.

Through CityU's Student Exchange Programme, Reshabh Singh (Business Operations Management) studied with Autonomous University of Barcelona. "I had ...
Reshabh Singh
Autonomous University of Barcelona

I made so many new friends, and I am so happy to call Amsterdam another home away from home.

Global Business student Verena Wibisono went on exchange study with University of Amsterdam (UvA) through CityU’s Student Exchange Programme. ”I ha...
Verena Wibisono
University of Amsterdam

Being open-minded and willing to try new things had been the key in helping me make new friends.

Vietnamese student Hoang Truong Tho Phan (Computer Science) joined University of Toronto (UofT) in Canada as an exchange student through CityU's Stude...
Hoang Truong Tho Phan
University of Toronto

In Amsterdam, you can find almost anything you need or want, including some Hong Kong food that you may miss during your stay.

Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands, and has a long and fascinating history. It is renowned for its stunning canals, narrow streets, and ...
Fiona Yeung
University of Amsterdam

Going on an exchange to Japan was an amazing experience.

As soon as I became a sophomore, I made a firm decision to go on exchange to Japan – “the land of the rising sun”. However, the only obstacle holding ...
Aidana Smat
Keio University

I’m glad that I found my way to explore a place I wanted to experience for a very long time.

As a die-hard fan of film and TV, I cannot overestimate the influence American movies have on our perception of the world. From a very young age, many...
Karina Duisenova
American University

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