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Major Facilities and Equipment

  1. FEI Quanta 250 Environmental SEM
  2. FEI Quanta 450 FESEM (under CENG)
  3. JEOL JEM-2011F TEM (under CENG)
  4. Bruker Dektak XT Profilometer
  5. Bruker BioScope AFM
  6. Agilent 5500 AFM
  7. Leica TCS SP8 Confocal Microscope System
  8. Leica TCS Multiphoton Microscopy System
  9. PerkinElmer IVIS Spectrum In Vivo Imaging System
  10. Bruker #ICON Compact MRI Imaging System
  11. PerfictLab SP6 Probe Station
  12. 3 Target Metal Sputter
  13. Oxford Plasma-Therm 790 RIE System
  14. NanoScribe micro 3D Printer with GT upgrade
  15. BD Biosciences benchtop Flow Cytometer
  16. Molecular Devices SpectraMax M5e Microplate Reader
  17. PerkinElmer Raman 400F Spectrometer
  18. Regenovo 3D BioPrinter
  19. Forever Elegance 3D Electronic Magnetic System
  20. Optical Tweezer Manipulation System
  21. Micro 3D Laser Cutting Machine
  22. CNI Compact Nano Imprint
  23. Scanco XtremeCT II CT Scanner
  24. Bruker 3T fMRI System
  25. BD Biosciences #FACSMELODY Cell Sorter
  26. Leica Confocal SP8 Microscope (Super Resolution)
  27. Class 1000 Clean booth
  28. HORIBA Scientific FluoroMax-4 Spectrofluorometer
  29. Rethink Robotics Baxter Robot
  30. ABB IRB 14000 Robot System
  31. Universal Robots UR3
  32. NeuroInDx Unipick+ Single cell collection and tissue micro-dissection system
  33. Agilent CARY 3500 Multicell UV-VIS Spectrophotometer
  34. Instron 5942 Micro Newton Tester
  35. Stratasys OBJECT260 Connex3 multi color multi materials 3D Printer
  36. LONZA 4D Nucleofector cell transfection system
  37. BioAssemblyBot 400 3D bio-fabrication system from Advanced Solutions
  38. DENTON Explorer-22 e-Beam Evaporation System
  39. RWD MP-500 Micro-pipette Puller
  40. PVA TePla ION 3B CIONE Plasma System
  41. APEX SLR ICP Etching System
  42. Chemical Preparation areas with 4 fume cupboards and yellow room
  43. Mask Aligner
  44. TK VETKIT flexible animal endoscope

Last modified on 22 October, 2022