Laboratory Safety Unit

The laboratory safety unit (LSU) is under the Office of Vice-President (Research) to oversee laboratory safety and regulatory compliance issues in teaching and research activities. The LSU also plays a key role in establishing the University policies and procedures to enhance the safety management and regulatory compliance in the CityU. The roles of the LSU are split into two main streams, laboratory safety management and risk management.

For laboratory safety management, the LSU oversees and advises on the following programs with respect to health and safety: (1) animal work safety, (2) biosafety, (3) chemical safety, (4) laser safety, and (5) radiation safety. Besides, the LSU is also responsible for providing professional safety advice, services, and/or support in the following areas in laboratories:

  • Chemical mini-store order;
  • Hazardous waste management;
  • DG store service;
  • Hazardous Gas Evaluation;
  • Health and safety lab inspection;
  • Laboratory design review;
  • LA/LG examination and certification;
  • Laser registration;
  • Liquid nitrogen dispense;
  • Personal alarm system(PAS) installation and maintenance;
  • Pressure vessel examination and certification;
  • Pre-occupational safety check;
  • Safety supply box order; and
  • TLD badge monitoring service

For risk management, the LSU develops an effective and efficient risk assessment reporting system (RARS) to assist the academic and research personnel in conducting a risk assessment for their projects and courses.

To ensure local legislation requirements compliance, two online control systems, namely chemical control system (CCS) and radiation control system (RCS), are designed and established to monitor from the procurement to disposal of controlled items and their associated licences.