The New Compressed Ultrafast Spectral-Temporal (CUST) Photography Award Winning Presentation in RoboSoft 2019 Scanning Zebrafish Brain Activities Accelerates Discovery of New Drugs BME X’mas Party on 18 December 2018 Research Students Received HKMHDIA Student Research Award BME PhD Student Received the ‘Young Investigator Award’ at an International Workshop All invited guests, fellow speakers and participants shared the joy of the opening of the Preclinical MRI for Biomedical Imaging Lab First microarrayed 3-D neuronal tradition platform developed CityU Information Day 2018 Tiny soft robot with multi-legs paves way for drug delivery in human body 2018 International Invention Innovation Competition in Canada MSBME Student Orientation 2018 Student Orientation 2018 Third Prize in 3rd Underwater Robot Competition ASM Technology Gold Award 2018 Dr. Yajing Shen received Big-on-Small Award at MARSS 2018 Cell Delivery Using Micro-Robots Challenge Cup Hong Kong Regional Final Japan Bioengineering Study Tour MBE Student of the Year 2018 Innovation and Technology Scholarship Award 2018 President Kuo attended Christmas Party 2017 as new member of the department MBE Congregation 2017 CIC Construction Innovation Award 2017 HKMHDIA Student Research Award 2016-2017 Guest lecture by renowned industrialist Visit of Provost and delegates from Stevens Institute of Technology Tea Gathering for Research Students College Medal 2017 – Ninghao Zhu Visit from Okayama University of Science, Japan Robocon 2017 – Hong Kong Contest

Subject Ranking

  • Biomedical Engineering

  • Worldwide: 34th
    Hong Kong: 1st

    (From Academic Ranking of World Universities’ Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2018)

    Centre for Robotics and Automation (CRA)

    A majority of BME faculty members are also members of the Centre for Robotics and Automation (CRA) with research focus on Medical Robotics, Human-Robot Interaction, Micro/Nano/Bio-Robotics and Intelligent Automation. Please refer to CRA's website for more information on its research and activities.

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    Applications Invited for 5-Day Summer Exchange Programme from Zhejiang University “How to see our brain works?” (Deadline: 14 May 2019)
    The Department is now inviting BME students to join a 5-day summer exchange programme “How to see our brain works?” with students from Zhejiang University in coming June with details below:

    Date: 17-21 June 2019
    Venue: Zhejiang University
    Courses: Neuroscience & cognition, Bioinformatics, Network in neuroscience, Medical Imaging, Biosensor, Biofluid mechanics principles

    Other activities include lab visit, industrial visit (to be determined) and cultural exchange. (Read more)

    MAY 2019
    Dr. Lidai WANG of CityU and Professor CHEN Feng of Xi'an Jiaotong University have jointly developed the novel compressed ultrafast spectral-temporal (CUST) photography, which is a new imaging technique that can simultaneously achieve high frame rate, high frame number and high spectral resolution, and can offer an important tool for observing complex transient processes on the femtosecond (10-15second) timescale. It can also overcome the existing limitations in imaging speed, frame number and spectral resolution. (Read more)

    MAY 2019
    A soft robot with wings and shaped like a ‘flying whale’ developed by researchers at Dartmouth College and Dr. SHI Peng of CityU has proven to enable programmed drug delivery to targeted cells. This plane-like swimming robot is a combination of cardiac tissue engineering and 3D printing with photosensitive hydrogels, and can change its mechanical structure to control its motion status. (Read more)

    MAY 2019
    Congratulations to Mr. SHU Jing (MTE student) and Dr. CHIRARATTANANON Pakpong on receiving the Best Late Breaking Result Award in the 2019 IEEE International Conference on Soft Robotics (RoboSoft). The award winning entry was called "A Pill Bug-Inspired Foldable Quadrotor". (Read more)

    APR 2019
    Two groups of BME students, Mr. LAM Yan Lok, Mr. LEE Pang Kam and Mr. UTOMO William Budi (Supervisor: Dr. TIN Chung), Miss CHIU Man Ki and Miss TANG Kei Tung (Supervisor: Dr. Kannie CHAN) shared their innovative projects during the CityU Employers’ Luncheon 2019 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on 9 April 2019. (Read more)

    MAR 2019
    A breakthrough research led by the team of Dr. SHI Peng, jointly operated among BME and BMS departments of CityU and research experts from the Harvard Medical School of the United States, has proven to save costs and enhance efficiency for developing new drugs via whole-brain activity mapping using zebrafish. (Read more)

    JAN 2019
    Congratulations to Prof Gary FENG from the Department on being selected for The President’s Awards (TPAs) 2018. Seven faculty members in total are awarded for the TPAs. (Read more)

    DEC 2018
    Congratulations to Prof. Gary FENG from the Department, one of the ten faculty members from CityU, on being named as Highly Cited Researchers for 2018 by Clarivate Analytics for their exceptional research performance. Formerly known as the Intellectual Property and Science Business of Thomson Reuters, Clarivate Analytics introduces the Highly Cited Researchers in 2014, and identifies the most influential researchers determined by their worldwide peers via the citation analysis. (Read more)

    DEC 2018
    Congratulations to our PhD graduates Dr. LUO Tao, under the supervision of Prof. Dong SUN, and Dr. XU Bingzhe, under the supervision of Dr. SHI Peng, on receiving the Hong Kong Medical and Healthcare Device Industries Association (HKMHDIA) Student Research Award 2017-18. The scheme aims to promote both basic and applied academic research that may have significant impact on the future development of medical and health device industries in Hong Kong. (Read more)

    DEC 2018
    Congratulations to Mr. LAM Wah Shing, Ms. MOK Tsz Ling and Mr. SZE Tsz Ho from the MNE Department, who had won the gold medal in the Special Award of Romanian Inventors Forum in an international competition called the ‘International Invention Innovation Competition in Canada, iCAN 2018’ in September 2018 under the supervision of Dr. Pakpong CHIRARATTANANON. Mr. LAM is currently a PhD student of the Department. (Read more)

    NOV 2018
    Congratulations to Mr. Jianpan HUANG, PhD student of Dr. Kannie CHAN of the Department, on being awarded for the “Young Investigator Award (Top 5%)” at the 7th International Workshop on Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer (CEST) Imaging held in Beijing on 12-15 November 2018, which was the first one of the Workshop series in Asia. (Read more)

    NOV 2018
    The Medical Imaging Workshop “Frontiers in Biomedical Imaging” was held on 19 November 2018 at CityU. This Workshop, led by Dr. Kannie CHAN of the Department, also marked the opening of the Preclinical MRI for Biomedical Imaging Lab. (Read more)

    NOV 2018
    Dr. SHI Peng and his research team developed a new microarrayed 3D neuronal platform for performing chemotactic assays, and provided valuable insights to the development of novel therapeutic strategies to promote brain regeneration. According to Dr. Shi, the high-throughput setup can largely reduce the experiment time from months to 48 hours, whereas a large collection of molecular gradient profiles can be tested using a single chip to generate a large amount of data. (Read more)

    OCT 2018
    Dr Yajing SHEN and Prof Zuankai WANG’s team has developed a novel tiny, soft robot with caterpillar-like legs capable of carrying heavy loads and adaptable to adverse environments. The mini delivery-robot could pave the way for medical technology advances, such as drug delivery in the human body. (Read more)

    SEP 2018
    BIE student Joseph LAI Ho Chi and his teammate won the Special Prize in “The Finals” of the 2018 International Invention Innovation Competition in Canada (iCAN 2018) held in Toronto on 1 September 2018. (Read more)

    JUL 2018
    CityU Underwater Robotics Team including SZE Tsz Ho, MOK Tsz Ling and YEUNG On Lik won Third Prize in 3rd Underwater Robot Competition held in Shanghai in 9-11 July 2018, under the supervision of Dr. Yajing SHEN, Dr. Pakpong CHIRARATTANANON and faculty members from the EE department. (Read more)

    JUL 2018
    BIE student Joseph LAI Ho Chi and teammate won the Gold Medal in “The Preliminaries” of the 3rd International Invention Innovation Competition in Canada (iCAN 2018), and has been invited to attend the Finalists’ Exhibition, Seminar and Award Ceremony in Toronto, Canada. (Read more)

    JUL 2018
    MTE final year students CHAN Tsz Lung, LAM Cheuk Hung, LUK Ying Kit and LAM Wah Shing received the Gold Award of the ASM Technology Award 2018 for their project “Transformable Wheelchair” under the supervision of Dr. Pakpong Chirarattananon. (Read more)

    JUL 2018
    Dr. LIU Lu and her postdoctoral fellow Dr. Maobin LU received Best Paper Award at WCICA 2018, the World Congress on Intelligent Control and Automation, held on 4-8 July 2018 in Changsha, China. (Read more)

    JUL 2018
    Dr. Yajing SHEN received “Big-on-Small Award” at MARSS 2018, International Conference on Manipulation, Automation and Robotics at Small Scales, held on 4 - 8 July 2018 in Nagoya, Japan. (Read more)

    JUN 2018
    Professor Dong SUN's team, in collaboration with the Department of Biomedical Sciences, has designed micro-robots to deliver cells to a target site in live animals for the first time. (Read more)

    JUN 2018
    Professor Dong SUN and Professor Yuan-Ting ZHANG attended the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding between CityU and Karolinska Institutet, one of the world’s foremost medical universities, to establish teaching and research exchanges. (Read more)

    JUN 2018
    Dr. Peng SHI and Dr. Zuankai WANG were acknowledged by the World Cultural Council as young researchers and scholars from Hong Kong who have performed outstandingly in the fields of science, education or arts, from among nine young research leaders at CityU. (Read more)

    MAY 2018
    Mechatronic Engineering final-year students CHAN Tsz Lung, LAM Cheuk Hung, LAM Wah Shing and LUK Ying Kit won the Third Prize at the “Challenge Cup” National Competition-Hong Kong Regional Final, Hong Kong University Student Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition 2018, under the supervision of Dr. Pakpong Chirarattananon. (Read more)

    APR 2018
    Ms. LEUNG Yin Ming, Year 2 student from the Bioengineering major, was selected as a recipient of the Innovation and Technology Scholarship Award Scheme 2018. With a scholarship of HK$150,000, she plans to join an overseas attachment programme at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden and take up a local internship programme. (Read more)

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