Equipment and Facility Booking and Sharing

To increase the accessibility of equipment and facilities by staff and PhD students in the department as well as across the college, BME department has established an On-line Equipment and Facility Booking System (Phase 2). The system is designed that both internal BME users and colleagues from other departments (external users) will use the same system to view the equipment status, book the equipment online, check the expenditure usage, etc. e-access to the individual teaching lab is only granted during the period when an equipment is successfully booked in the corresponding lab.

There is an hourly rate associated with many major equipment. Users will be charged according to this rate and they are reminded to have enough budget before they book and use the facility. For details of the system, please refer to the user guide. In brief, users who want to book and use the equipment via this online system need to obtain an account to logon the system first from the technical staff. To do this, users need to complete the risk assessment associated with the equipment, fill in the application form and upload the risk assessment form to the system, and then inform the technical in charge of the equipment to create the account for them.

Last but not least, equipment sharing to other department users are aimed to enhance the overall utilization of the ‘major’ equipment which is very expensive/huge in size. As such, BME will expect that external users will know and able to operate the equipment safely on their own and therefore no specific equipment training be provided. Also, BME will reserve the right to limit or even disable the sharing of the equipment to external users when it is found that the utilization of that equipment is already very high within internal users.

Equipment Booking System

Last modified on 11 April, 2022