College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Undergraduate Admissions

Undergraduate study in the College

The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS) places a strong emphasis on equipping students with analytical and critical thinking, excellent communication skills, and international experience relating to a wide range of disciplines in the humanities and social sciences. The College also offers students excellent opportunities for overseas exchanges, study tours and international internships, thus helping students to gain international experience and a global vision. The reasons to study for your undergraduate degree in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences:

  1. Outstanding local and international academic faculty;
  2. An innovative mentorship program which introduces you to campus life;
  3. Up-to-date academic programs which keep pace with a rapidly-changing world;
  4. International exchanges and study abroad opportunities;
  5. Internship training for enhancing professional knowledge;
  6. Numerous paths for continuous education.

The undergraduate programs in the College are designed to provide a quality education of high international standard. Such programs include Criminology and Sociology, Psychology, Social Work, Asian and International Studies, Chinese and History, English Studies, Linguistics and Language Applications, Translation and Interpretation, Digital Television and Broadcasting, Media and Communication, and Public Policy and Politics.



1.      優秀的本地及國際教授團隊
2.      為新生提供支援的輔導計劃
3.      與時並進的學術課程
4.      國際交流學習機會
5.      鞏固專業知識的實習陪訓
6.      眾多更高學歷的進修路徑

本院致力提供優質專業教育,開辦多個學士學位課程,涵蓋廣闊,包括: 犯罪學及社會學、心理學、社會工作、亞洲及國際研究、中文及歷史、英語語言、語言學及語言應用、翻譯及傳譯、數碼電視與廣播、媒體與傳播、以及公共政策與政治。