Overseas Summer Schools

Thank you for your interest. The application period is over.


Students are eligible to apply if they:

  1. are full-time UGC-funded students of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences enrolled on a CityU Bachelor's degree programme; and
  2. are Year 1, Year 2, or Year 3 students*; and
  3. are non final-year students; and
  4. have attained a minimum CGPA score of 3.0 for Boston University; and
  5. have met the minimum English language requirement(s) set by the overseas institution such as IELTS, TOEFL; and
  6. have met all the admission requirement(s) as set by our partner institutions.

*Year of Study is classified by the expected graduation year in AIMS:

Expected Graduation Year Year of Study
2023 1
2022 2
2021 3
2020 4

Last update: 4 February 2020