CLASS DEC Competition 2015 Global China Studies CLASS: An Untold Story of Excellence in Research, Knowledge Transfer, and Education Excellence in Knowledge Transfer Award Ceremony 2014 & Distinguished Lecture - Event Highlights CAH Housewarming Sharing on Teaching Excellence
CLASS DEC Competition 2015 CLASS: An Untold Story of Excellence in Research, Knowledge Transfer, and Education Discovery Festival - Majors and Minors Fair Major Selection for BDCLASS Students Project Flame: Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship@CityU
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Leading education in the Arts and Social Sciences

The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences at City University provides leading educational programs in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences. It is home to seven departments spanning a wide range of subjects. These are the Departments of Applied Social Sciences; Asian and International Studies; Chinese and History; English; Linguistics and Translation; Media and Communication; and Public Policy.

For students, the College provides an exciting and progressive education, utilising a wide range of innovative teaching methods, supported by the latest in IT and computerised services. During their undergraduate studies, students have many opportunities to go abroad on study trips, student exchanges, and overseas internships. Graduates from the College also have a successful record of gaining employment very rapidly after graduation. Graduates of the College enter a wide range of professions and career paths, including business, education, corporate life, government, media industries, and telecommunications.

The College has an international faculty with teachers from Australia, Europe, Hong Kong, mainland China, the US, and a wide number of European and Asian societies. It has an excellent reputation worldwide, and is internationally acclaimed in a number of research areas. The College prides itself in its research reputation, and is also concerned to provide excellent opportunities for research degrees at the level of MPhil and PhD studies.