Application procedures

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Students wishing to participate in the outbound exchange programme must comply with the following application procedures:


Identify an oversea university that fits your interest


Go to the AIMS (under Student Services) during the application period and read the instructions carefully.


Fill in and then print out the hard-copy application form (except for the "choices of institutions"). Remember to save the form for later submission in AIMS.


Bring the hard copy with you and consult your Departmental Exchange Coordinator about the suitability of the programmes and institutions you choose. Make your final decision on your choices of partner institutions by filling in the choices of partner universities in priorities on the form.


Submit your duly completed hard copy application forms to your respective department together with the following supporting documents.


  • Applicant statement (in 300 words, explaining: (i) why you wish to participate in the student exchange programme, (ii) what makes you think that you are a suitable candidate; and (iii) what you expect to gain from the exchange programme).


  • Study plan indicating the courses you wish to take at the partner institution. You are required to discuss with your Programme Leader about credit transfer arrangements. Please make sure your Programme Leader has signed and endorsed your study plan before your submit your application to your department.


  • Your academic transcript and proof of language proficiency such as TOEFL or IELTS score, if any.


  • Other supporting documents to indicate your CityU achievements and participation in co-curricular or extra-curricular activities.


Submit your ONLINE application to AIMS.

Application results will be announced via email to successful applicants.