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Cultural and Language Immersion


In line with the University’s mission, the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences aims at enhancing CityU’s professional education with English language training and development of cultural awareness in an English-speaking setting. The 4-week summer study programme Cultural and Language Immersion (CALI) will allow you to meet local people in an English-speaking country and be immersed in a different cultural environment. Interested students are invited to attend a pre-application briefing in January/February for more details.

The Cultural and Language Immersion provides opportunities to:

  • improve your English language competence by immersing yourself in an English-speaking country;
  • improve your use of academic English both in speaking and in writing;
  • broaden your horizon and enhance your global cultural awareness;
  • increase your confidence in language usage;
  • enhance your intercultural communication skills by interacting with English-speaking locals and international students; and
  • understand the cultural differences between Hong Kong and the overseas country.


  1. Living in an English-speaking environment
    Have you ever thought about living with an English-speaking host family or with local students on a beautiful campus such as the Hertford College of the University of Oxford? Through daily interaction, you can improve your English communication skills and learn about local culture and life-style firsthand.
  2. Language activity sessions
    Structured classes offer English language training at various levels. Using the latest pedagogical approaches, well-trained instructors lead courses in the four skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking. In addition, there is a focus on content-based learning, which enables you to apply your English to discipline specific areas of study.
  3. Community and research project work
    Under the supervision of staff from partner universities, you will be engaged in community or research projects that involve contact with the local community. While gaining practical skills from working on the project, you will gain insights into the lives of local residents and learn and practise specific vocabulary.
  4. Cultural excursions and social activities
    You will experience authentic cultural aspects of your host country when you pay visits to places of interest and participate in cultural events. You will also have opportunities to be in contact with other international students and local community members during social gatherings in your spare time.

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