College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Cross-Institutional Course Enrolment Scheme

Information for the students of the Academy of Interdisciplinary Studies (AIS) of The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) taking CityU CLASS Courses

Application Procedures and Details

  1. HKUST AIS students are required to fill in an application form and submit it, together with a photocopy of your academic transcript(s) for previous academic qualification obtained, to HKUST AIS for endorsement. Applications without HKUST’s endorsement would not be processed. Acceptance of the student is at the discretion of CityU, taking into account its quota availability and other relevant factors.
  2. Students in Year 2 or above with a minimum GPA at 2.5 or above at the time of application are eligible for this scheme. Final-year students are not advised to take part in this scheme in their final term of study.
  3. Students will be informed of the application result by CityU CLASS via HKUST AIS.
  4. HKUST AIS students will be officially registered as Visiting Students at CityU and are required to participate fully in the course, which includes completion of coursework and examination, if applicable, according to the schedule of CityU.
  5. The Host Institution will provide tuition fee and application fee waiver to students.

Course Registration, Examination and Grade Results

  1. Students should observe the rules and regulations prescribed by CityU during course registration.
  2. HKUST AIS students could attend courses of up to NINE (9) credit units per student per semester at CityU CLASS.
  3. Students will be informed of course registration details by CityU CLASS.
  4. Courses offered by CityU CLASS to HKUST AIS students will be limited to those shown above on the understanding that updates to the course list will be made from time to time at the discretion of CityU CLASS.
  5. Requests for withdrawal from a course should be submitted to CityU CLASS before the specified deadline to Late applications will normally not be entertained. No replacement of courses is allowed after withdrawal of the original course.
  6. Students are responsible to make sure that there are no time clashes in their class schedule.
  7. No make-up examination will be arranged if students admitted to a course and cannot sit for the examination. Students are advised to consider taking courses with assessments other than final examination.
  8. HKUST AIS students taking courses at CityU should note that the course grades are to be assigned by CityU, and the course grades will not be recorded on the transcripts issued by HKUST, nor will they be included in the calculation of CGA for the HKUST awards. The credits for courses with failed grade will not be transferred.
  9. Grades will be assigned to students at the end of a course, and a transcript will be sent to HKUST for release to their students. To comply with the requirement of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, the consent of students for the release of their course results to HKUST will be sought during the course application stage.

Academic Calendar and Examination at CityU

  1. There are normally 13 teaching weeks in a semester. The teaching weeks and examination periods of academic year 2023/24 are as follows:
  2. Teaching Period Examination Period
    Semester A 4 September – 2 December 2023 11-23 December 2023
    Semester B 15 January – 20 April 2024 29 April – 13 May 2024
  3. Academic Calendar
  4. Examination timetable and related details normally will be released one month before the start of examination period. Students should sign-in with your CityU account to access AIMS for details.
  5. Study under this Scheme will not lead to a degree or other awards from CityU. Upon completion of study, an academic report will be sent to the students via their Home Institution. Students may also apply for a transcript according to CityU's procedures.


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