College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Outbound Exchange

Photo Gallery

Czech Republic to Budapest
A side trip from Czech Republic to Budapest with friends.
A dinner with dormmates on the coldest day in Prague.
The manager of the dormitory held a meeting during the Christmas holiday and shared with the residents the onigiris (Japanese rice balls) that she prepared.
night out
A night out with other exchange students who are also studying media and communication.
hotpot party
A hotpot party at student residence.
Island Smögen in Sweden
A gathering on a day trip to island Smögen in Sweden.
Photo with groupmates from one of the courses.
Kaunas University of Technology
A night of board games in Kaunas University of Technology with friends from Taiwan and Ukraine.
Celebrating the birthday of a friend.
Mannheim, Germany
Having a picnic after class with other exchange students in Mannheim, Germany.
Having a wonderful brunch with friends.
Spending time with friends was one the most unforgettable and valuable memory.
Brännboll Tournament
A group photo after the Brännboll Tournament, a traditional Swedish game, taken on the day when the group won all the games.
coffee break
Having a fika (“coffee break” in Swedish) in celebration of a friend’s birthday.