College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

CLASS Majors

Major Programme Leader Email
Department of Asian and International Studies (AIS)
Asian and International Studies Prof Daniel C LYNCH
Department of Chinese and History (CAH)
Chinese and History Prof LIN Shaoyang
Department of Media and Communication (COM)
Digital Television and Broadcasting Dr KIM Ki Joon
Media and Communication Dr HUANG Guanxiong
Department of English (EN)
English Dr LEE Hiu-yen Klaudia
Department of Linguistics and Translation (LT)
Linguistics and Language Applications Dr Caesar LUN
Translation and Interpretation Mr Kenneth AU
Department of Public Policy (POL)
Public Policy and Politics Prof YIP Ngai Ming
Department of Social and Behavioural Sciences (SS)
Criminology and Sociology Dr CHAN Heng-choon Oliver
Psychology Dr Tina ROCHELLE
Social Work Dr YEUNG Wai Keung Jerf
* Self-financed programme
# Top-up degree programme