Endowment gifts will provide the University with sustainable resources for exploring new possibilities and scaling greater heights in multiple realms.

Donations will be kept intact as principals and managed as endowment funds on a perpetual basis, according to the stipulated guidelines of the University. An annual income will be generated from endowment funds at a rational interest rate that is guaranteed by the University, which will be used in alignment with the donors’ specified intent.

Supporters are welcome to make non-designated donations, providing the University with the greatest flexibility in responding promptly to, for example, its strategic priorities or general development. On the other hand, supporters can designate the areas of support, for example, research or student development.

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Message from President

Professor Freddy BOEYProfessor Freddy BOEY

President and University Distinguished Professor

Chairperson of CityU Foundation

As we approach our milestone 30th anniversary since achieving university status, we are filled with immense pride for the achievements that we have made while our hearts are filled with gratitude for the support that we have received.

On this momentous occasion, as we look forward to an even more exciting future, the "CityUHK Endowment Campaign" will reinforce the strong foundation for a promising future for the University and the next generations. I warmly invite you to continue the journey with us by supporting the Campaign, helping CityUHK to innovate while leaving your indelible mark on our future plans.

Your contributions, like promising seeds, will be nurtured as endowment funds and will provide sustainable resources for the University. This enduring support will unlock endless opportunities, enabling us to encourage young talent through innovation and produce groundbreaking research and solutions to the most pressing global challenges.

Together, let’s cultivate a world-transformative power and establish a legacy that will be admired for years to come.

Messages from Supporters

Professor Herman HU Shao-ming,Professor Herman HU Shao-ming, GBS, SBS, JP

Co-Chairperson of CityU Foundation Board of Governors

Carrying on the dedication to education rooted in my family, I have supported endowment at CityUHK to nurture talents through named chair professorships and student development. Join me to create a lasting impact on our future generations!

Ms CHAU Sin-woMs CHAU Sin-wo

Education is crucial for personal and social development!

It has been a lifelong regret for me that I did not have the opportunity to receive an education during my youth. Therefore, my profound dedication lies in supporting the advancement of education, which has led me to establish an endowment fund at CityUHK to nurture talents. I wholeheartedly support the CityUHK Endowment Campaign and have made arrangements to bequeath part of my assets to the University to extend my enduring passion for nurturing the next generation. I am committed to sharing this campaign with my relatives and friends, and I look forward to you joining me in offering your support!

Areas of Support


The designated areas of endowment funds include the following:

Donor Recognition

Your gift, in various forms in support of the CityUHK Endowment Campaign, is equally significant and sincerely appreciated. To recognise the generous support of our donors, acknowledgement will be made as appropriate:

  • Naming of individual endowment funds, buildings, facilities, professorships, research funds, student awards or programmes, etc.
  • Naming ceremonies or appreciation events
  • Permanent acknowledgement on the University Donor Roll
  • Membership of the CityUHK Foundation
  • Exclusive participation in the special events of the University

We are pleased to discuss with you and hear your views. All acknowledgement arrangements are subject to the donation amount and mutual agreement between donors and the University.

Donate Now

We are deeply grateful for your kind support. Should you be interested in contributing to the endowment fund, please contact CityUHK Development Office at 3442 5306 or do@cityu.edu.hk.

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