Microsoft 365 (M365) for CityU Staff Optional Email

In CityU, email service for staff and email service for students (and alumni) are based on Microsoft 365 (M365), however, the two services reside on separate environments. By default, all current staff have their primary email accounts on the Staff M365, and all current students and alumni have email accounts on the Student M365.

If you want to know the details about your staff primary M365 account, please visit FAQs on Microsoft 365 Exchange Online for CityU Staff University Email.

If you wish to separate your office/work emails from that for teaching/communication with students, you may apply a separate account on the Student M365 as your staff optional M365 account.

What is my Staff Optional M365 Email Account and Address

Your staff optional M365 account is in the form "EID-f", i.e. your EID followed by "-f" (dash f), e.g. cctom2-f, if your EID is cctom2, and your staff optional M365 email address is:, e.g.; and (if you have registered for an email alias for your EID)

How to Obtain my Staff Optional M365 Account?

To obtain your staff optional M365 account on the Student M365, please submit a CSC Work Request via your department. Please seek help from the General Office (GO) of your department for submitting CSC Work Request. CSC staff will inform you the account details after the account is ready.

How to Logon my Staff Optional M365 Account?

  1. Go to CityU Homepage.
  2. Click "Email" under "Quick Links" to go to CityU Email Services homepage.
  3. Under "Staff" column, click the link " (Optional)" under "Web Logon to".

Using the M365 Cloud Service

Please note that your official University staff email address is still or where all University correspondences will be sent to. Though M365 is a cloud service, its usage is governed by the University Policies on Use of IT Services and Resources and all prevailing policies.

Please be reminded that M365 is an online service. Just like any other services, we advise you to encrypt anything that contains confidential or sensitive information. For more details, please refer to the University Information Security Policies and Information Security Best Practices on the Information Security Unit website,


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