Roles of the Computing Services Centre

The CSC is officially responsible for the provision of central computing facilities and technical services to support the following aspects of computer and network within the University.

a) As a Subject of Study

Computer technology is taught either as a subject of study for future computer professionals or as general education for students' computer literacy.

b) As a Computational Tool

Computers are used as computational tools to solve problems arising from various applications, research and development activities in the areas of science, engineering, business, etc. Students may use computers as tools to do assignments and homework with various software packages.

c) As a Means of Learning, Teaching and Research

This refers to the use of educational packages and computer aided learning software, the use of computer presentation tools, and the use of networks including Internet and Portal for information retrieval, idea exchange, discussion forum, etc.

d) As a Tool for Administration

This involves the development and the use of computer software to meet the operational and managerial needs of various administrative departments and the Library.

To ensure adequate support, the role of the CSC can be identified as follows:

i) Facility Management

The CSC manages the central computer facilities including the campus network, the central host computers, public computing facilities such as computers in the Lecture Theatres, classrooms & express terminals for public access and student terminal rooms in the CSC. It also carries out assessment of facilities, both software and hardware, based on the needs of its users, and makes recommendations for new facilities as necessary for the enhancement of the existing facilities.

ii) Technical Services

The CSC provides centralised and integrated technical services on a university-wide basis including the provision of consultation and advice on the use of University computer facilities. It evaluates suitable equipment and software so that it can keep pace with developing technology in order to better serve the University community.

iii) Information Services

The CSC keeps updated information regarding currently available computing equipment and software, and provides timely information to its users in the form of user's guides, newsletters, training courses, seminars, forums, etc. It is also responsible for developing electronic information services within the University.

iv) Administrative Data Processing Systems

The CSC is responsible for the provision of infrastructure and technical support for the maintenance of all electronic data processing systems used in the various administrative offices and departments.