Maintenance Schedule - Computing Services Centre

Maintenance Schedule

Systems Unavailability

Systems Time Remarks
Academic Unix and Personal Web servers 06:30-07:00 Every Mon
Each server in the Staff Central Mail server farm 06:30-07:00 Every Wed
Image server 07:00-07:30 Every Mon
Library system (Lib) 23:00-01:00 1st Sat of each month
Admin server for FLC inventory, SDS facility & counseling, HRO personal data enquiry, CSC teaching studio booking 06:30-07:15 Every Mon
Admin server for SDS Sports Facility booking 06:30-07:15 Every Mon
Admin server for Smartcard 06:30-07:15 Every Mon
Admin servers for AIMS and iAssessment 04:00-06:30/
Every Tue to Sun/
every Mon
General Admin servers for HRO, FO, SDS office Unavailable after normal office hours