Map of CTNET- the University Campus Network

The CTNET has been continuously evolving to cope with the ever-changing user requirements and to adapt to new technologies and standards. The current network consists of a single 10G Gigabit Ethernet backbone that supports multi-layer switching, QoS (quality of service) and IP Multicasting, thus data, voice and video traffic can be carried concurrently over the same network. Over 13,000 systems are connected on the wired part of CTNET as of April 2012.

The wireless part of CTNET was first debuted in 1997 but has undergone a major upgrade recently. More than 2,300 access points have been installed over the campus and remote sites to support thousands of wireless devices which are compliant to the IEEE802.11a/b/g/n standards. Over 7,000 concurrent wifi connections are accessing the Internet daily at peak hours and over 42,000 wifi devices are served monthly at peak seasons.

Map of CTNET