FAQs on Friends Email Service (FES) for long-serviced retiree

A long-serviced retiree who accepts, in writing, HRO's invitation for the CityU Friends Email Service (FES) is required to activate his/her Friends Email Account (FEA) by supplying a password of his/her choice through the link "Activate Friends Email Service" under the Friends tab of the Email Services home page. It is an invited service by HRO only meaning that long-serviced retiree will not get the FEA automatically. Below are some of the important issues regarding the FES:

  1. Long-serviced retiree refers to:
    1. Staff appointed on superannuable terms, gratuity-bearing substantiated or continuous terms, and having attained the retirement age as defined in the staff member's contract of employment (the 30th June coincident with or immediately following the 65th birthday, or that of the 60th birthday for staff members who joined before 1 January 1990 and who have elected or deemed to have elected to retain age 60 as retirement age).
    2. Staff appointed on superannuable terms, gratuity-bearing substantiated or continuous terms, and permitted by the University to go on early retirement at the age of 55 or above.
    3. Staff who have been continuously appointed on gratuity-bearing contract terms but who have attained the age of 65 and have served the University for 10 years or more by the time they leave service.
  2. An FEA takes on the notation "<EID>@friends.cityu.edu.hk", where "<EID>" is the CityU Electronic ID (EID).
  3. Once the FEA is successfully activated, the FEA can be accessed through the Email Services home page.
  4. If a retiree, after accepting in writing HRO's invitation for FES, do not activate his/her FEA within 90 days after his/her last day of service, he/she is considered no longer interested in the FES and his/her FEA will be deleted from the system.
  5. If the account is not used for more than 3 years, the account will be considered no longer required by the retiree and it will cease to be accessible and operative. Emails therein, if any, will be removed from the system immediately.
  6. All emails sent from the FES, including replies and forwarded email, will contain the following disclaimer of the University:

  7. “This courtesy email account is provided to long-served retiree of City University of Hong Kong (CityU). This email (including any attachments) does not represent CityU in any manner. This email is intended for communications on personal capacity and is used for the intended recipient only.”

  8. The FES is provided through the Google G Suite for Education service, which is a suite of communication and collaboration applications.

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