FAQs on CityU Friends Email Service

1.     What is the CityU Friends Email Service and what features are available?

CityU Friends Email Service is provided as a new service for CityU retirees and as a replacement for the former Courtesy Email users starting from 1 January 2012. The service is provided through the Google Apps Education Edition service, which is a suite of communication & collaboration applications designed for use by education institutions but hosted at Google. It includes the following services and features:

  • Provide web-based Email with Google Search and spam protection through Google Mail (Gmail)
    • Email address will bear the University domain name, i.e. "<Your-EID>@friends.cityu.edu.hk"
    • Unlimited Email inbox storage supporting up to 20 MB attachment per Email
  • Supports POP3 and IMAP for popular Email clients
  • Share calendars on-line through Google Calendar
  • Create and share documents, spreadsheets and presentations through Google Docs
  • Exchange instant messaging and make voice calls through Google Talk
  • Provide team website support through Google Sites
  • Commit to comply with policies and practice for service safety and privacy
  • Smartphone/PDA support ready

2.     Who is eligible for the Friends Email service?

Staff leaving CityU as "retirees" are eligible for the service.

An invitation to join the Friends Email Service will be sent by the HRO to new retirees before the end of their service. Staff members leaving CityU not as retirees are not eligible for this service.

3.     How can I get my Friends email account?

Please refer to here for the detailed information.

4.     What is the email address of the Friends email account?

The Primary email address of your Friends account is in the format "<Your-EID>@friends.cityu.edu.hk" where <EID> is the Electronic ID of the eligible user.

If you have registered a Personal Email Alias for your CityU email account, your Friends account will also has an additional email address (also called "Nickname") in the format "<Your-Alias>@friends.cityu.edu.hk", and you can receive email sent to both "<Your-EID>@friends.cityu.edu.hk" and "<Your-Alias>@friends.cityu.edu.hk" in your Friends account. You can also set your alias (nickname) address as your default Sender Address for your Friends account by setting up your "custom From address" in the account. Please refer to here for the details.

5.     How can I access my Friends account through the web?

Since the Friends Email service is provided by Google, you can access your Friends account through the web directly from the "Gmail Sign in" page at http://www.gmail.com, Please note that at the Username field you should enter your full Friends email address "< Your-EID>@friends.cityu.edu.hk".

Alternatively, you can access your Friends account from the CityU Email Services home page (http://email.cityu.edu.hk) by clicking "@friends.cityu.edu.hk" found under the Friends tab in the home page, and you will be re-directed to the "Gmail Sign in" page eventually.

6.      Can I use my email client or device to access my Friends email via POP3/IMAP?

Yes, you can access your Friends account with a client or device that supports POP/IMAP, like Microsoft Outlook. You may refer to the following site for details: https://mail.google.com/support/bin/static.py?hl=en&page=ts.cs&ts=1668960. (For MS Outlook users please refer to here.)

7.     How can I transfer my email data from my old Staff Email Account (SEA) to my Friends Email Account (FEA)?

You can choose one of the following methods:

Using Gmail's Mail Fetcher

Mail Fetcher is the function provided by Google for importing email from other email accounts to Gmail/GApps/Friends accounts. Please note that this funcation imports only those email stored in the Inbox folder of the other accounts. Please visit here for the detailed information. Please remember to disable the Mail Fetcher function in your Friends account after you have imported all your old email into your Friends account.

Note: If you need to migrate email folders other than the Inbox from your old email account to the Friends account, please refer to the Section "Using IMAP Email Client".

Using IMAP Email Client

This is most suitable for you if you are using Microsoft Outlook (or an email client software supporting IMAP) to access your staff email account. You simply add your Friends account as a new IMAP account in your email software, then you can copy your old email from any email folder (or even the folder itself and all sub-folders in it) in your old account to your Friends account very easily. Please refer to here for the detailed procedure of enabling IMAP for your Friends account and setting up your Friends account in Microsoft Outlook.

If you have difficulties in transferring your email to your Friends account, please contact the Email Administrators by email to postmaster@cityu.edu.hk for advice and assistance.


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