Audio Visual Services


The Audio Visual Services cover two main areas namely: AV Support / Venue Operation and Engineering Service.

  1. AV Support / Venue Operation
    • Provision of technical and operational support at Wei Hing Theatre and Connie Fan Multi-media Conference Room.
    • Provision of ad-hoc technical assistance on use of AV equipment in communal teaching venues upon request from teaching staff.
    • Provision of training / demonstration on use of AV equipment in classrooms and lecture theatres.
    • Provision of on-line support for the operation of AV equipment installed in the Lecture Theatres for users through the interactive AV Network.
    • Provision of event set-up services and equipment operation based on mutually agreed scope of work, work schedule and charge rate with users.
    • Provision of event set-up services and equipment operation for institutional events only.
  2. Engineering Service
    • Assistance in the design, procurement and installation of AV system / facilities for teaching venues.
    • Provision of repair and maintenance service for AV equipment and systems.
    • Provision of on-campus video telecasting services.
    • Provision of technical consultation on institutional event setups.
    • Provision of technical consultation / assistance in procurement of AV system for individual departments subject to availability of manpower.


Room LI-LG1-504, Li Dak Sum Yip Yio Chin Academic Building (LI)

Service Hours

Please refer to the CSC Opening Hours.

Service Charge

Please refer to Over-time Charging for Event Support.

Regulations or Guidelines

For using AV materials for event and teaching, users should observe all applicable copyright laws and licence agreements of individual programmes / materials, and shall be responsible for any infringement of copyright or licence agreement which may arise.


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AV Support / Venue Operation

Tel: 3442 8341, 3442 8344
Fax: 3442 0327

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