Audio Visual Services


The Audio Visual Services cover two main areas namely: AV Support / Venue Operation and Engineering Service.

  1. AV Support / Venue Operation
    • Provision of technical and operational support at Wei Hing Theatre and Connie Fan Multi-media Conference Room.
    • Provision of ad-hoc technical assistance on use of AV equipment in communal teaching venues upon request from teaching staff.
    • Provision of training / demonstration on use of AV equipment in classrooms and lecture theatres.
    • Provision of on-line support for the operation of AV equipment installed in the Lecture Theatres for users through the interactive AV Network.
    • Provision of event set-up services and equipment operation based on mutually agreed scope of work, work schedule and charge rate with users.
    • Provision of event set-up services and equipment operation for institutional events only.
  2. Engineering Service
    • Assistance in the design, procurement and installation of AV system / facilities for teaching venues.
    • Provision of repair and maintenance service for AV equipment and systems.
    • Provision of on-campus video telecasting services.
    • Provision of technical consultation on institutional event setups.
    • Provision of technical consultation / assistance in procurement of AV system for individual departments subject to availability of manpower.


Room B2623, Yeung Kin Man Academic Building

Service Hours

Please refer to the CSC Opening Hours.

Service Charge

Please refer to Over-time Charging for Event Support.

Regulations or Guidelines

For using AV materials for event and teaching, users should observe all applicable copyright laws and licence agreements of individual programmes / materials, and shall be responsible for any infringement of copyright or licence agreement which may arise.


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AV Support / Venue Operation

Tel: 3442 8341, 3442 8344
Fax: 3442 0327

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