College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Outstanding Research Papers Awards Scheme


The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences established Outstanding Research Papers Awards Scheme for PhD Students:

  1. to encourage PhD students to publish in top quality journals during their studies;
  2. to recognise and reward research excellence; and
  3. to emphasise the University's commitment to create an environment conducive to high quality research at an internationally competitive level.


All CLASS PhD students (including self-financed and Joint PhD students*) are eligible to apply, except who are recommended for award of PhD.

* Joint PhD students are only eligible to apply when they are registered at CityU in Hong Kong.

PhD students who have a paper published in/ accepted by a top quality journal (i.e. SSCI, SCI, AHCI or equivalent) as author or co-author during the period from 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2019. Publications which were previously awarded are not eligible.


A maximum award of $5,000@ would be offered to awardee on a reimbursement basis to cover the cost of copy-editing.

@ Subject to the funding availability and compliance with relevant financial regulations/policies. The number and allocation of awards are at the discretion of the College. Reimbursement shall be completed by 30 June 2020 and unspent balance would not be carried forward.


Applicants should submit the application form with supporting documents to the College Office via their Departments (by email to

Selection Procedure and Criteria

Applications would be considered by the College Research Committee on a rolling basis, subject to funding availability. Quality, journal rating, involvement of the applicant in the paper and impact will be considered in assessing the application.

The College Office will inform the applicant and the cognizant Department Head on the results.


For any queries, please contact Mr Derek Ip at 3442 6423.