College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
CLASS Internationalisation Activities Summer 2018 - Post-Trip Debriefing Forum

This summer, 160 students participated in the College’s eight summer internationalisation initiatives and had the opportunity to travel to the United Kingdom, United States, South Korea, Austria or Myanmar for the Cultural and Language Immersion, Overseas Summer Schools, or the Service-learning Internship Programmes.  To enable the returnees to review and share their experiences, the College Office organised a post-trip debriefing forum on 29 August 2018.

Hosted by Professor Hon CHAN, Assistant Dean (Internationalisation), the forum was attended by Professor Horace IP, Vice President (Student Affairs); Professor Xiaowei ZANG, the Dean of CLASS; Professor Dennis WONG and Dr Peppina LEE, Associate Deans of CLASS. Student representatives from each of the eight programmes gave presentations on their overseas learning experiences and achievements. The University and the College were delighted to see that all students participating in these activities have benefited from these outbound opportunities.

At CLASS, internationalisation is a vital part of education, and the College has invested a huge amount of effort and resources in cultivating links to expand students’ overseas learning experiences. In the future, the College will continue to diversify its international learning opportunities for its students to enrich their global understanding.

Cover Photo: The internationalisation team of CLASS organised a post-trip debriefing forum for participants of summer internationalisation activities on 29 August 2018.

Photo 2: Cultural and Language Immersion 2018 at The University of Sheffield, UK.

Photo 3: Overseas Summer Schools 2018 at University of California, Irvine, USA.