College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Starting Another Chapter at Columbia University

Having studied at City University of Hong Kong for two years, with a solid intellectual foundation built, six undergraduates of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS) will embark on a new chapter of their university life at Columbia University, completing their final two years in another continent.

Six CLASS undergraduates (two majored in Public Policy and Politics, three majored in Psychology, and one majored in criminology and sociology – Applied Sociology stream) have been admitted to the Joint Bachelor’s Degree Program between City University of Hong Kong and Columbia University for the 2019-20 academic year. The Joint Bachelor’s Degree Program spans two continents in two cosmopolitan cities, each with its distinct academic, social, and cultural environments. The Joint Degree Program provides students with a rich international undergraduate education, in which they experience life on two different campuses. Upon completion of the Joint Degree Program requirements stipulated by CityU and Columbia University respectively, students will be awarded bachelor’s degrees from each university.

Aspiring to be a policymaker in Hong Kong, Public Policy student Zita TSUI Lok-tung looked forward to achieving eye-opening international experience from her study at Columbia University. “My study at CityU enabled me to understand various social issues and politics in Hong Kong.  However, in order to become a caring and sensitive policymaker, it is of paramount importance to have a holistic view of world’s political atmosphere, as every policy may impact Hong Kong itself or its relationship with the outside world,” said Zita.  She also found both cities are quite similar in terms of social structure and economic background.  She continued, “Studying in Columbia University in the City of New York allows me to learn about what measures the state government took to tackle poverty issues. Most importantly, this program can guide me to think how Hong Kong can reposition itself on the future international stage when it comes to policy formation.”

Psychology student Jonathan SHUM Ho-ching shared his expectation of joining this Joint Bachelor’s Degree Program.  “Aiming to be a researcher, this Program enables me to gain access to the leading figures of the field and have exposure to a diverse student population that challenges my preconceptions of the world,” said Jonathan. “I expect to be challenged intellectually and to establish my identity during the study at the Columbia University. Studying and working with the brightest minds there would certainly stimulate my growth as a scholar. Through conversing and interacting with people from different cultures, I expect to be shaped into a global citizen who has perspectives both from the east and the west.”

The College continues to explore opportunities to expand its collaboration with Columbia University in developing more liberal arts and social sciences majors for the Joint Degree Program.

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Six CLASS undergraduates have been admitted to the Joint Bachelor’s Degree Program between City University of Hong Kong and Columbia University for the 2019-20 academic year.

From left: Daniel KAN Yin-to, LUK Wing-yin, Zita TSUI Lok-tung, Professor Hon S Chan, Jonathan SHUM Ho-ching, Petra POON Cui-san, Coco FANG Yijie