College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
CLASS Faculty Scoops the University’s Top Teaching Excellence Award

Heartfelt congratulations to Dr Peter JORDAN (third from left), Assistant Professor in the Department of English, for receiving the CityU Teaching Excellence Award 2019. His novel, interactive and innovative teaching methods made him the only awardee this year.

Renowned for his effective tool for teaching and learning – drama, Dr Jordan makes drama a unique feature of his lectures. He sees this as both an art form and a transferrable skill which can help students to engage, enquire and discover through the use of imagination. “Trial and error were essential to learning, while creating a respectful environment in which students could feel comfortable when expressing themselves was equally important,” he said.

Dr Jordan’s teaching methodology involves a high level of in-class interaction. The aim is to encourage students to treat their learning, not only as a personal process, but also as a collective endeavour, based on mutual curiosity and a respect for diversity. Students are free to offer opinions and float ideas without fear of ridicule or censure; to argue, to disagree, to present alternative viewpoints; to listen, to reflect, to be adaptable; and above all, to not fear failure.

Prior to joining CLASS since 2014, Dr Jordan is widely recognised for his work and passion in transformative teaching. He also won the College’s Teaching Innovation Award 2018. The University’s Teaching Excellence Award reaffirmed his earnest efforts and contribution to teaching. The well-deserved awardee received a cash prize of HK$15,000 for professional development, and a teaching grant of HK$150,000 for his teaching development project.